Lofi Hiphop Collab

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    BabyGee : Wed 18th Sep 2019 : 10 months ago

    So basically I've fallen in love with lofi hiphop and I wanted to know if anyone wants to collab. You provide music, I provide vox and lyrics. I have a few releases going on right now but I would like to start doing lofi regularly so maybe we could start working on something and release it when all of this is done. Email me with any tracks or sample @ shegotseoul91@gmail if you're interested.

    or soundcloud . com / therealbabygee without the spaces

    I will let you know up front, I have a pretty busy schedule so I may not get back to you immediately but I will as soon as possible.

  2. 549160
    BabyGee : Wed 18th Sep 2019 : 10 months ago


  3. 2697987
    FedoraHuggins : Sat 21st Sep 2019 : 10 months ago

    Hey BabyGee, I would be interested, I emailed you about it so feel free to check there :)

  4. 3008776
    OhSecrets : Sat 21st Sep 2019 : 10 months ago

    Hey! Ive been in the Hip Hop scene for nearly 3 years now. (Wow that's hard to believe.) Ive recently been majorly transitioning into LoFi Hip Hop, and Ive gotta say it the most fun Ive ever had making music. I, too, have fallen in love with it. I would absolutely love to have a vocal artist to work with. I am more than happy to provide a few of the instrumentals I made in the past, just to assure you Id best fit your scheme ;)

    Ill send this in as an email too, with a few added links for some samples.

    Just In Case:
    Email : SecretBeatsDMV (AT) gmail (DOT)com
    Soundcloud: ohsecrets

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