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Hello Iam Yan Guitar Player And Composer

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  1. 1259534
    Yan87 : Thu 29th Aug 2019 : 2 years ago

    Hello ! My name is Yan. I'm guitar player and composer from Ukraine.
    I'm playing, composing, recording and mixing rock\metal\clean melodys.
    You can check my tracks

    I'm doing music pretty chip. If you like and interesting please contact me to email on my profile

  2. 3440670
    PeteMc : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 2 years ago

    Hey Yan

    Where in Ukraine you from?

    Me and my wife are going to Lviv again soon. Love it there!

    Like your tracks.


  3. 1259534
    Yan87 : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 2 years ago

    Wow!! Cool ! i love Lviv ! It's very beutiful city. Ive been there couple times.
    I'm living in Dnipro (800 miles to Lviv) I would be your guide :)

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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