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    soaren : Sat 17th Aug 2019 : 1 year ago

    Okay so I just discovered looperman a couple months ago, and believe it or not, it’s the most satisfaction I’ve ever had from putting sounds on the internet. The fact that people can take your loops and make beats just amazes me and is so cool every time I hear one. (I also make beats, I just like to hear what people also come up with) I know I’m super talented, like I know I have an ear for music and can provide sooooo much for an artist or a label. I just wanna be in a studi 24/7 cooking things up. Is there any one on here who has connections like that? Or who needs an artist on their label/group? This is my passion and I know I don’t wanna do anything else. Please anyone reply with any sort of insight or advise. Like anything! Thanks

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    jayzuu : Sat 17th Aug 2019 : 1 year ago

    Yo, I'd like to hear some of your music, if you could send a link to something, it would be sweet.
    I'm a rapper myself, you can check out some of my music, search "Jayzu" on Spotify. Listen to the English songs - I make some songs in Danish as well (my native language)

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    wikkid : Sat 17th Aug 2019 : 1 year ago


    Others will answer and let you know how to get started making money (get your own website, build up a customer base, etc). So I will just add info on what you need to do to protect your own interests.

    My advice would be to know your worth. While you're passionate and dedicated, there are far too many con-artists who prey on those who don't know (and don't want to know) about the business of music. If you appear to be too eager or desperate, you will be ripe fruit for a rip-off (pay to play, send me what you got and that person takes your creation and pretends like its theirs, etc).

    Learn about putting a copyright on any original composition (of yours) that you feel could be a hit. You can copyright a whole group of loops for a reasonable fee in the USA.

    You are in a studio 24/7. It's your own. Sure, there are a number of producer groups looking for members, but some can be too big. Others can be like a musical pyramid scheme. It may take time to find someone who can compliment your creations, but its better to get paired with someone who can bring out the best in you and vice versa.

    In closing, you need several complete songs in order to show what you can really do. Cut out the middle man, especially if you're the one doing the work.
    And never, ever pay to get listened to. That's a con, and its being played in just about every profession (for example, you've written a book and a company wants you to pay to get it published, when you can do it yourself if you just take the time to use Google and YouTube for their articles and how-to videos).

    You can be both an artist/producer and a businessperson. Your first step was asking how to do it. So good for you. I wish you all the best.

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