Needing Help With Getting Sound Out Of My M-audio Key Station 88

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    Kirstin : Wed 14th Aug 2019 : 2 years ago

    Here is some more details. I was using an M-audio 25 for a long time with no issues but one of the keys started to stick so I had to get my big midi out to use. However for the last week I can seem to get any sound of my midi keyboard. It seems sound is being heard by my software, I can see it on the mixer and on the track. However I can hear anything at all. If I play the keys via the onscreen keyboard of the vst it works fine. But I cant play the keyboard on a screen. LOL! Here is what I am using
    Samplitude Pro X DAW. Independence Pro for my Vst.
    If you are willing to try and help me out I would so appreciate it. It would Prob be easiest via face time but what every your comfortable with. I cant make anymore music until I figure this out.


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    ShortBusMusic : Thu 15th Aug 2019 : 2 years ago

    I've got an older version of Samplitude, but maybe this might work. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, this has happened to me, no sound from the midi even though there is a VST assigned, volumes are fine, and the ASIO is checked. What I've had to do is reset the program to its original factory settings and that resolved the problem.

    Click on file, then program preferences, then system/audio, then the "general tab" under programs, then look for the box that says, "Reset program settings and restart the application." For me, this has worked as a reboot of sorts and after doing it, I could hear the VST when I played my midi keyboard.

    Hope this helps. I hope all is well.


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    Kirstin : Fri 30th Aug 2019 : 2 years ago

    Thank everyone for the assistance. I am still really having a hard time getting everything up and it running the same way for my next session.
    Seems like I am spending most of my time trying to figure out how to route things to get sound out of them. Then by the time i figure it out.Writing and producing are the last thing on my mind since I'm frustrated. I think I am going to post to the forum and see if there is anyone in my local are that would be willing to come help me get all this straight.
    I jump in the studio ready to write and leave all pissed off cause i spent 10 hours trying to make sound come out of every instrument vst drum machine and everything else. I have even took notes when it finally worked for me after all those hours, then I come back in the next day and all the setting and screen shots i copied down no longer work for some reason. Ugh wish I would of never tried to upgrade this stuff. :( I just want to be able to produce music again.

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    Rasputin : Sat 31st Aug 2019 : 2 years ago

    Am I understanding you properly, Kirstin? You've hooked your M-AUDIO 88-key keyboard up to your computer right? Via a USB?

    Yopu are aware that the Keystation makes no sound of its own, right? It's just a MIDI triggering mechanism that will send MIDI messages to your computer-based DAW ?

    Are you on WINDOWS 10 ? The moment you stick the Keystation's USB cable into a USB socket, WINDOWS should immediately "recognize" the presence of the Keystation. That's Step One.

    Then, within your DAW, you have to configure it under PREFERENCES or OPTIONS to be receptive to the MIDI messages your keyboard is sending out. Thatg's Step Two.

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    wikkid : Sat 31st Aug 2019 : 2 years ago

    Hi Kirstin,

    Might I suggest you check out a local music store if all else fails? You can get free, general info that might help, and even a demonstration.

    Record the demo on your phone so that you can refer to it when you need to.
    Also, if you recently purchased equipment from a private seller or even a store, or the manufacturer's phone help line might be additional options.

    And don't forget the local colleges and universities that have music departments. When I was having trouble learing Photoshop I paid a student to tutor me.

    This next bit is Off topic, but one of the reasons I loved playing in a real live band is for this very issue. I was able to get and share information on equipment woes or technique. I get that the internet opens up a whole new wide world, but sometimes being able to visit someone's home studio and get pointers or speak to a keyboard player after a gig meant the world to me. I wish you all the best with this.

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