Needing Help With Getting Sound Out Of My M-audio Key Station 88

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    Kirstin : Wed 14th Aug 2019 : 5 days ago

    Here is some more details. I was using an M-audio 25 for a long time with no issues but one of the keys started to stick so I had to get my big midi out to use. However for the last week I can seem to get any sound of my midi keyboard. It seems sound is being heard by my software, I can see it on the mixer and on the track. However I can hear anything at all. If I play the keys via the onscreen keyboard of the vst it works fine. But I cant play the keyboard on a screen. LOL! Here is what I am using
    Samplitude Pro X DAW. Independence Pro for my Vst.
    If you are willing to try and help me out I would so appreciate it. It would Prob be easiest via face time but what every your comfortable with. I cant make anymore music until I figure this out.


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    ShortBusMusic : Thu 15th Aug 2019 : 4 days ago

    I've got an older version of Samplitude, but maybe this might work. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, this has happened to me, no sound from the midi even though there is a VST assigned, volumes are fine, and the ASIO is checked. What I've had to do is reset the program to its original factory settings and that resolved the problem.

    Click on file, then program preferences, then system/audio, then the "general tab" under programs, then look for the box that says, "Reset program settings and restart the application." For me, this has worked as a reboot of sorts and after doing it, I could hear the VST when I played my midi keyboard.

    Hope this helps. I hope all is well.


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