Looking For Singers And Appers For A Non Profit Project

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  1. 2763600
    SJ11 : Sun 4th Aug 2019 : 3 months ago

    I'm working on a just for fun project and I need some feautures on it. I'm trying to make a full fledged album and not just a couple trap tracks thrown in together but if you're a trap rapper, you can still participate because i'll probably throw in 1-2 trap tracks.

    I'm also really looking for singers, I know they're are harder to find but I know some of them lurk on here.
    If you don't know how to mix your tracks you don't have to worry, i'll take care of that.

    Since this will be a non profit album, i'm not looking to buy any feautures, no disrespect to anyone who is selling them but I don't wanna spend 300 total on features for something that won't generate any money

    If you're intressted just comment down below or hit my IG @luviswarprod

  2. 2463217
    Helperman : Sun 4th Aug 2019 : 3 months ago

    I'd be down to make a few verses.

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