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  1. 3020422
    BNZMMES : Wed 24th Jul 2019 : 10 months ago

    I'm doing free mixing, I specialise in vocals that need to be pitch corrected, and genres like RnB. Hip-Hop/Trap, UK Rap, US Rap and Boom-Bap, I mix vocals to make them better (clearer, louder etc.), and make them cut through the mix and sit on the beat, I do not mix beats (as in like mixing drums and melodies etc.).

    If your going to send a vocal, please whilst I understand it may not be perfect, please record with a decent mic, the room doesn't need to be perfectly sound treated, but not please provide a decent, clean vocal take, and don't add any effects to the vocal. Ideally also provide the instrumental key and BPM, also if I do not think the vocal take is good enough or I don't think the song is I will not mix it.

    If I think the the vocal take is good for mixing, I'll mix it, if your happy with the song I'll make a cover, and once your happy with that I can upload it to streaming platforms.

  2. 2392785
    Mizt : Wed 24th Jul 2019 : 10 months ago

    contact me pls

  3. 1419658
    Mav472 : Wed 24th Jul 2019 : 10 months ago

    Do only mix vocals

  4. 2892720
    Vizehh : Wed 24th Jul 2019 : 10 months ago

    i am intrested, its for my album . i can pay 50-100 for 5 vocal mixes

  5. 3020422
    BNZMMES : Thu 25th Jul 2019 : 10 months ago

    At the time of me posting this right here, Mizt, Mav472, and Vizeh have commented and I’ve contacted you all.

    Please check and read throughly, also please provide me with all the possible ways to contact you (Instagram etc.)

    Don’t worry when I check later if there are more people I’ll contact and update as I have

  6. 2989435
    richjmusic : Thu 2nd Apr 2020 : 2 months ago

    Can you please mix my vocals quickly for a song that is exclusively for a tiktoker? my ig is @theofficialjaeden

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