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  1. 2818441
    prodswitchup : Wed 17th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    So, I'm looking to get a collective started up. All these other collectives are failing and I'm about to fix that.

    We need producers and rappers. We don't need bad rappers who record from there phone and sound horrible (no offense) or use major autotune and sound like a robot. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SPOTIFY-QUALITY ARTISTS.

    We are also looking for managers, must have a STABLE FANBASE as of now to promote and manage.

    In the future, we are looking to get merch rolled out, music videos, and big sells.

    If interested, DO NOT REPLY to this, I rarely check my replies. Send me beats if you produce, or songs if you rap. Email me at switchupbeatz

    Looking only for professional, and committed members only. members only.

  2. 2818441
    prodswitchup : Wed 17th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    Forgot to include my work:

  3. 2397603
    Fuego808 : Sat 20th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    hi im responding to your post i a singer/songwriter looking to join your collective. i am on every platform you can name with studio quality music, i also produce every beat i make here is a link to my soundcloud so you can be the Judge.

  4. 2969200
    REALCHRISPRATT : Thu 25th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    I produce...

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