Who Tryna Blow Up This Year WORLDSTAR And Join Music Label

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  1. 3284452
    aguhnyinside : Mon 15th Jul 2019 : 3 months ago

    My Music Video will be uploaded to Worldstar later in September im looking for artists & producers to join the team before i blow up. I have several different styles of rap i do.. below are a couple different ones. IM looking for producers who can continuously producers beats and other artists who tryna collab. Looking for 1 amazing artist & producer to join "FOREVER ALONE" music group. We have professional graphic designer, video editor & promotional manager for our music. ONLY SERIOUS PPL DM ON INSTAGRAM


    Verified Spotify

    UNRELEASED SONG (my slow sad emo rap style)

    My Dark Trap Style

  2. 3248277
    sillh0uette : Mon 15th Jul 2019 : 3 months ago

    Hey I am an artist that goes by the name ACR0 and these are my stuff https://soundcloud.com/acr0

  3. 2960542
    xxxC : Tue 16th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    Here is our stuff dude , we would love to join the adventure

  4. 2200917
    Tmanpro : Tue 16th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    I just came out with a fire new beat. I sampled Cab Calloway and it turned into this https://soundcloud.com/tahor-graves/rapbeat119

  5. 2767393
    Chronoment : Tue 16th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    I just dropped my best song yet IM UNDERRATED AS FUCK https://soundcloud.com/chronoment/dead-eyes

  6. 2729850
  7. 2511381
    ProdSensational : Wed 17th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    Looperman is Trash all of my loops get reported for no reason by this one person websites garbage everyone makes shit loops.

  8. 2818441
    prodswitchup : Wed 17th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    Hey, here are my beats. I'm rising quickly too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzeN-grny9wtrNO0jAkPow?view_as=subscriber

  9. 3082693
    hokwerdna : Thu 18th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    wouldnt mind if you had a listen, hmu if youre interested


  10. 2870405
  11. 3060881
    zxdashxn : Thu 18th Jul 2019 : 2 months ago

    Here's a link to my beats. HMU if you're interested. They're all free.

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