Polo G - Die A Legend - My Loops In Nearly Every Track

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  2. 2630229
    SamuraiKendrick : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    thats a really shitty thing to do, have you reached out to them

  3. 2591792
    Luzi : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    He doesn't need to give credit tho. I mean they are fire loops and you put a lot of work into them but still you really can't blame him for not giving credit.

  4. 500098
    ShortBusMusic : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    While he doesn't need to give Martin credit, if he had any brains at all he would reach out to Martin and see about doing some sort of an arrangement together for his next album (co-writer/producer). Unfortunately, the hip hop culture is all about taking things from others (samples, loops, etc.) and then claiming credit as their own. It is a shitty deal that this guy relies on Martin's work so heavily, yet doesn't feel compelled to give him any credit at all. It is nothing but the epitome of selfishness.

  5. 2630229
    SamuraiKendrick : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    You should just give credit cause its the right thing to do

  6. 1231236
    joecramer : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    @Luzi - It is ok not to give credits for some loops you (or who else) used from this side but it is also ok to tell others that your loop(s) are getting used by someone. If you think that Martin try to blame someone by telling me (or someone else) that it is like it is, i would say that you are a little strange or just a homie of Polo G

  7. 2345833
    EvanBeatz : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    As much as I love your loops, by uploading you pretty much signed up to have your creations taken and used without credit. I don’t agree with it, but that’s the way it is. However, you have every right now to reach out to Polo G, the producers who used you loops, and Polo G’s mgmt for inquiries on working in the future. Especially with the extent that the production on the project relies on your loops. Try to turn this into an opportunity bro!

  8. 2430461
    BMO12 : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    dam bro you basically made his career

  9. 2912585
    ogkillingit : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    Minor2Go you are a goat, your loops have been used on so many mainstream songs out there and I think you should make it clear of your loop usage and reach out to people on it.

  10. 1041668
    wikkid : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    Hi Martin,

    I think its good that you post who's using your loops and where they can be found, because having a digital trail may serve you well in the long run.

    Too many loopers post a swan song in anger and then delete their accounts, not realizing that the creation and upload date could be of use in proving any claim they may make for back royalties.

    At some point you may want to copyright your loops and post them on your own website. The US has an agreement with many countries, and your home country is one of them. In the US, we're able to upload a group of songs or melodies for a nominal fee (less than 60 dollars). I'm guessing you still want to upload free loops, because you're such a prolific artist, but copyrighting some of your best may be an option when you post them on Facebook or your own site.

    Just a few suggestions to add to the ones on here:

    If you're not already, then joining an artist rights organization in your area may be of help. Some offer free legal advice and composition protection. There's ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. There may be a slight name difference where you reside, but its worth looking into.

    You could release a sample pack for a fee, with the understanding your loops are copyrighted, and non-commercial use is prohibited without your consent and unless they work out some sort of arrangement with you.

    If you don't have one already, then housing your loops on your own site may give you more control. I won't go into IP numbers (all computers emit them, and sure, there are ways to get around it, but there are add ons from third party software developers (many of them are free) who can help you keep track of who's downloading your loops and songs on your own site.

    I would suggest starting your own publishing company as another form of protection, but I don't know how often you use your own trap loops to create songs.

    I do have a question. Were you asked to supply the midis on the loops used?

    If so, that is another digital trail as far as your correspondence.

    I wish you all the best, and hope others on Looperman have additional suggestions on how to have the producers deal with you directly, and others ways to protect your composer rights.

  11. 2262993
    RokzBundy : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    Yeah for real i see you putting so much work in to your loops bro.
    Theres a good few famous producers who use em and never show credit.
    I think if anything reach out to the Producers, Management and Artist and try discuss business for the future.

  12. 2550836
    itsrighter : Sat 8th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    Album is fire though. Since you released them for free, maybe reach out to his team and see if you can do a collaboration in the future where he hires you to create loops.

  13. 2301941
    Wolvi : Sun 9th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    In my opinion, i dont think Polo G does his own beats, he just uses what he likes from producer/producers send to him so he should get in touch with the producer/s first then with Polo

  14. 2591792
    Luzi : Wed 12th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    @joecramer I didn't say that minor2go is blaming anyone. I was responding more to the first comment that said: "that's a really shitty thing to do".

  15. 630386
    Unknown User : Thu 13th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    This trend, unfortunately, will continue. From those who have talent, such as M2go, to others who have no talent but instead have lots of connections in the music business in order to make money. Back in my days people were more likely to give credit than not. The problem stems from having a very saturated market today of free sounds and the availability of many free loop samples that have overpopulated the market. Back in the 1950s and 60s, people would try to sample other peoples vinyl records in the hopes of not being discovered. The sampling trend received a huge boost and resurgence when rap and hip-hop music was formed.

    Today, many artists find that there is no longer a need to sample commercial songs anymore due to the availability of royalty free samples. But for some lame excuse, they also see no need to credit others for some strange reason? I guess they see no real economic advantage, they see no legal hurdles, they say: "hey it's free," and they want all of the praise and spotlight for themselves. It's a market that is somewhat driven by selfishness and ego. So it is a great thing, Martin, that you are turning up the spotlight to bring attention to this awful trend. No other member has given more musical resources here on Looperman.com than you. I think it is high time you create your own website and sell your own loops because less talented loop makers are out there selling loops as well.

    These Lil Guys and Lil Babies out there will follow you Good Luck!

  16. 2437742
    clout : Wed 19th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    hey minor2go idk if noticed but genius gave u a shoutout in their beat deconstructed video for pop out, and everyone in the comments is giving ur credit that u deserve :)

  17. 2437742
    clout : Wed 19th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug6SCZz4oVo forgot to put the link so here you go

  18. 3103352
    Unknown User : Wed 19th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    dude this is crazy! I'm like who the heck is polo g?! then I check omg this guy has over 4M clicks for a song, stunning. Sir you make great Loops!!! don't you want to try to reach out to this polo g guy? maybe he even happy to have you as support. idk. but to me it seems that you r kind of resource to him. i'd love to see you two guys team up somehow. (and capitalism must be overthrown anyway or we all lost. you all know that...)

  19. 3103352
    Unknown User : Wed 19th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago

    @clout THANK YOU!

  20. 1041668
    wikkid : Wed 19th Jun 2019 : 1 year ago


    My sincere thanks for the link you listed.

    Martin, I contacted GENIUS. Don't know if anything comes of it, but I just want you to know what I wrote:

    This is regarding MINOR2GO, who was mentioned in the GENIUS video on Polo G and Lil TJay

    I hope writer Eddie Fu or someone on your staff interviews MINOR2GO. This German composer/musical genius is the best kept secret of many rappers and producers, because so many of them use his free loops (from Looperman.com) without attribution, and he's a big part of why they have hits. Here's his FACEBOOK with the list of all the hits he's on: https://www.facebook.com/Minor2GoMusic

    Here's the Looperman thread where Minor2Go lists all the loops that were used on Polo G's album:

    And check out your own GENIUS thread on YOUTUBE

    To see how many props and love Martin (MINOR2GO)
    has been getting. All I know is, if the script was flipped and Martin was a kid of color not getting his due, then many people would be up in arms. The producers need his loops, and he needs them to do what they do.


    A fellow (female) Looperman member


    Here's the contact link for GENIUS: https://genius.com/feedback/new

    And yeah, I went there because sometimes to get anything done you have to speak up and do other shit to get the ball rolling.


  21. 159051
    Unknown User : Tue 21st Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    The newest Polo G tune with my loop.
    I guess I made his whole career ;)

    Polo G ft. Lil Tjay - First Place

    Loop: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/190507/minor2go-type-guitar-do-you-dream-of-me-by-minor2go-free-135bpm-trap-electric-guitar-loop

  22. 3272682
    Unknown User : Tue 21st Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    @MINOR2GO I have such respect for you and it upsets me that how someone can take your work and not credit or reach out to you. I hope you get the recognition you deserve.

  23. 2159630
    SINExWAVE : Tue 21st Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    keep your head up Martin

    long after polo g is shot or overdoses, youll still be doing what i think you love,,, and i dont think your interested in money unlike all these rappers with silly names

    respect Martin and his fingers

  24. 3551571
    Morsedeck : Wed 22nd Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    Looperman is over 1.5 million deep in users, producers and artist. We can produce our own artists and generate a buzz for our own producers. IF WE WORK TOGETHER AND IF we focus on 3-4 of our own artists projects at a time that must mention all contributors (sign something to that effect and get a producer’s maximum effort). We are just too spread out. I’m probably way too new but it needs to be said. We have our own power as a community.

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