Im Looking For A Token Type Loop

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  1. 3040296
    DamienBeatz : Wed 22nd May 2019 : 4 weeks ago

    Im looking for a Token type loop (willing to pay or collab). Here are some references

  2. 1002337
    Ian1337 : Wed 22nd May 2019 : 4 weeks ago

    1st beat sounds like pots and pans recorded lol, mad - it's about 80bpm or 160 if double speed. Second one is simple but I like it, nice sub bass - it's 130bpm I think. 3rd -token's song has a guitar, i think this is around 113bpm. Code red is about 116 bpm.

    Tech n9ne uses 116bpm for Like I Aint (I remade the drums).

    What would ask you is what tempo do you prefer and provide information on the sample you want? pots and pan drums? synth or sub bass?


  3. 3040296
    DamienBeatz : Wed 22nd May 2019 : 4 weeks ago

    around 116bpm. More Like token code red. with a little vocal twist like on jaden smith - icon.

  4. 1002337
  5. 1002337
  6. 3015730
    micshafes : Thu 23rd May 2019 : 3 weeks ago

    Pretty simple loop that I made a while back, but it reminded me of his type of music

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