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    krunchie : Wed 23rd Jul 2008 : 9 years ago anyone know of any good vst's for wobble bass used in dubstep. (free ones if poss!)
  2. 135539
    Birdy : Wed 23rd Jul 2008 : 9 years ago just use any decent bass vsti with an lfo section and use that to make the wobble. ive just put 2 loops up that are wobble bass that i made using the simsynth on fruity loops.
  3. 135539
    Birdy : Wed 23rd Jul 2008 : 9 years ago i hope this helps, if not download massive, thats probably got a setting for it, ill send you a link for a torrent if you need it.
  4. 159239
    krunchie : Fri 25th Jul 2008 : 9 years ago thanks i also found a good one ex096
  5. 135658
  6. 266280
    aragon : Mon 8th Jun 2009 : 8 years ago native instruments massive is a full on fat plugin mate .
  7. 60800
    jahknow : Mon 8th Jun 2009 : 8 years ago check this thread yooz:

  8. 125391
    korny : Thu 8th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago hey can you send me the link to the torrent as well plox?
  9. 241372
    celestial1157 : Fri 9th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago lets see..

    my vst library for bass and wobbles consists of:

    Sytrus Orbital
    Native Instruments MASSIVE
    3xOSC (comes with Fruity Loops)


    those are some sites for vsts.

    if you got the money you should DEFF check out Synapse Hydra.
    its straight butters. but costs some money tho :/
    you can try the demo for free
  10. 230755
    Unknown User : Fri 9th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago I just use Sytrus in FL.

    Whats the difference between free vst's and commercial ones? Can't you set the parameters in FL Sytrus to make it sound any which way you want?
  11. 241372
    celestial1157 : Fri 9th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago commercial ones like Synapse Hyrda, tend to "offer" better sounds and abilities to displace sounds. meaning you can make wobble grimier.

    SOME free ones, tend to have less sound quality or displacement ability. for instance, Pulsation is good for fat, grimey bass sounds, but it doesnt really have much of a wobble ability.
    thats why i have a few different vsts for bass and wobbles.

    but for anybody who tries the Synapse Hydra demo, change the "DUB ORGAN" sound to the "TIMES SQUARE" one and you got yourself, as i call it, THE RUSKO WOBBLE.

    hope that straightens out some thoughts for ya NF!

  12. 307769
    jasonredd : Sat 10th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago dun kow
  13. 241372
    celestial1157 : Sat 10th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago @jason not sure what your post means..
  14. 60800
    jahknow : Sat 10th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago Any synth can make a wobble as long as you can route the LFO through your lp filter. Some are sweeter than others. Albino and Massive tend to be the genres strong ones though.

    Here's apoint from JAH. Wobbles don't do a ting good for your sub sounds. All them ultra low sub tones work best if they stay as regular as possible ie. sine waves with no harmonics. Go to town wobbling the midrange bass sounds, make em as wild as possible, but the under belly needs to stay clean to give the proper punch to the gut.
  15. 230755
    Unknown User : Sat 10th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago @celestial: mate thanks for clearing that up. I actually downloaded the demo Hydra and ur right, its the BALLS! Found that Rusko Wobble too, though I'm not a big fan of Rusko (he can SUCK my wobble). Cheers for the info, I'm now actually experimenting with bass and grimey wobble thanks to you, instead of running bass samples through an automated LFO (which I'm ashamed to admit I used to do). Kudos!

    @jahknow: as always I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for spreading the love mate!

    @jasonredd: I dunno either mate. No one knows. Was it really the butler in the kitchen with the candle stick? We'll never find out.
  16. 241372
    celestial1157 : Sun 11th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago well im glad i can be an influence NF.
    im still learning plenty myself. figured i might as well share what i DO know along the way hah
  17. 60800
    jahknow : Sun 11th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago The only way music gets better faster is if we all share the knowledge and promote ingenuity.
  18. 60800
    jahknow : Sun 11th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago That being said:

    1.) Sub bass wobble would normally be a Sine wave at around the 40-50 Hz range which would repeat the same chords as the mid-range bass wobble. The only difference being that with a sub bass wobble there is no point in assigning the LFO to a Low Pass Filter because the sound is too low for the low pass filter to have any effect, so the LFO is assigned to the amplitude (volume) instead. Another reason for not applying a Low Pass Filter to the Sub bass is because it would typically be a Sine wave which possesses no Harmonics to be adjusted by the Filter.

    2.) The sound of an LFO can also be adjusted by the wave type you choose. The default setting for an LFO generator is a Sine wave, although on most synths you can chose from Triangle, Sawtooth, Square wave, Random, Noise. To get a nice sounding bass, it is a good idea to use as many oscillators as possible on different octaves.

    3.) Try messing around with the attack and release of your sound as this can have an impact on the sound of the bass. Long attacks tend to create a more ambient sound, and is a technique traditionally used with ambient pads.

    4.) Something that I find useful is to bounce the bassline to a .wav file, so that it can be chopped up and put in-sync with other elements of the song; because the majority of the time you will find the first wave of sound in the wobble bassline will will be half the length of the other waves due to attack rates. So the best thing to do is to chop that freak sound off the beginning of the file in your DAW (Logic Pro, Reason, Cubase etc) and start off with the second wave which should be fully formed. This way it will not be too early of late when keeping in sync with other elements such as a second bassline.

    5.) Another method you can use is creating a clone layer of your original sound and setting up a new LFO setup for that to beat alternatively in the space left by the original LFO. Or go that crazy Drum & Bass Reese route and split the frequencies to Low, Mid and High, then set different LFO rates for each band then recombine into one sound.

    6.) For more variation automate your LFO speed and intensity.

    7.) Where you place insert effects in relation to the filter (pre or post) will yield different sounding results.

    Other methods to achieve a wobble like sound:
    Tremolo, (This effects volume rather than frequency)
    FM Synthesis,
    Modulation of PWM,
    Oscillator Pitch assigned (in a liberal amount) to LFO.
    Filter Envelope assigned to LFO (using a re-triggered envelope).
    (submitted by Faun2500)

    9.) Assign a second LFO to modulate the speed of the first LFO.

    LFO Shapes

    Sine wave: The smooth value change possible.

    Triangle: Similar to a Sine wave but slightly more ramped & synthetic sounding.

    Random: A mixed bag.

    Sawtooth: Will have a very fast attack with a slower release which will sound very rugged.

    Square wave: Will be a simple open close style. Very harsh and will generally cause a very harsh sound. (Often used in DJ Hazard style bass-lines). Detune two square waves for a nice dark sounding bass.
  19. 208604
    vecholectro : Sat 17th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago thx
  20. 86420
    highz : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago one of the greatest soft synthz on market...sylenth1 is great for pretty much every thing...accent on electronic music...try demo...there s plenty video tutz on how to make it on sylenth...cheerz
  21. 60800
    jahknow : Sun 18th Oct 2009 : 7 years ago Any synth can wobble as long as it has LFO routing capabilities.
  22. 367610
    terrorisk : Tue 2nd Mar 2010 : 7 years ago i was wonder hw artist put all the wobbles together going frm a fast paced wobble to a slower pace bt doesnt make the song out of place do they cut &chop it if thats the case what program is best for beginners TERRORISK peace
  23. 337543
    Vin : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 7 years ago @terrorisk,
    You can do that if you have routed an adhsr as a freq cutoff envelope with the Attack pushed up, the cutoff down low so that when you hit a key you get that sweeping sound from low to high. just hit the keys at any rate you like then slow the rate down yourself whilst pushing the attack up further.
    I dunno though. Thats just my interpretation of that wobbling sound I could be wrong, and it could be leaning more towards Tremelo.
  24. 292154
    DjBradd : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 7 years ago THE BEST! IS NAtive Instruments Massive.

    Get this VST, then go to this website:


    Creat a quick account on KVR and download the Dubstep bass banks and "Wobble Bass' banks. The best ive heard.

  25. 415908
    Unknown User : Wed 16th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago Please could someone send me wobble bass sample torrents/downloads? i cant find an decent ones..

    user banned
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