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  1. 2159630
    rmce : Mon 13th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    there seems not be so many uploads in the past few hours

  2. 3103352
  3. 688110
    novaspace : Wed 15th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    I often came to the forums and uploaded our acapella's but since the last few years the forums have been ruined by 'wannabe ego hip hop/rap stars' which is one of the reasons why I am no longer active here. it used to be a very nice and helpful community. but the last years the forums are overwhelmed with super duper producer with big ego's... not my cup of tea.

  4. 2159630
    rmce : Wed 15th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    hi ive only been on looperman for just over a year , and i know what you mean about the rappers

    @syncdiversity the main reason i made this forum is cause there used to be loop uploads every couple of minutes now its up to about 4 hours sometimes i love this site but somethings happening else where :)

    thanks for giving me a good reply normally in a forum post people try to promote there beats and there normally really bad if they have to promote in the forum i bloody hate this im glad you didn't post a beat i might not have replayed

  5. 3103352
    Rockseller : Wed 15th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    please I am new to the community and want this a place like rmce says.
    i will try to post as much loops as I can this is good to improve my skills.
    I really had the opportunity to learn andget motivation to improve my skills and variety from this community.
    although I never downloaded a loop.
    no idea what kind of loops people like and need but I'm awarethat quality of the provided samples has to bi high end
    so I'm about to learn a new DAW to become able in doing this
    best regards guys no spam no promo no heroes OK

  6. 2159630
    rmce : Wed 15th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    nice ,, cheers for the comment

    keep at it and dont worry about posting bad loops
    thats how you get better or atleast work out from the downloads if your doing good ,,

    ive had people be nasty about my loops when i started but there are always hatters

  7. 3103352
    Rockseller : Wed 15th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    I postet this link cuz it has a link in description for wav file download in google drive.really thought it was a good way to response rmce.now I checked his profile man he professional super dude working somwhere and trying to get samples fast.he can not use this loop/beat or what this is. cuz its unprofessional throwaway.but it is wav stuff that can be processed or whatever. providing high end samples is what I wanna do seriously. end of june an engineer will teach me about recording.salut

  8. 2767269
    Rowan30000 : Wed 15th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    I´m gonna Try to Upload every Time i got in my Free time :D! But to make Samples or Loops first takes it Time

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