Looking For A Rapper To Do A Couple Verses

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  1. 2864463
    DisPla : Sun 12th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    Sup, I go by DisPla, and I need a rapper who can write a cocky yet edgy rap that leads into a dubstep/deathstep drop for a hybrid trap song I'm working on.
    Here is the link for the beat for the verses, I need 2 verses and a chorus. One verse lasting 32 measures, the other lasting 16 measures, and a chorus lasting 16 measures, at 155 BPM. As I said, tone needs to be a little edgy (because of the Deathstep drop) but also pretty showoffy like a lot of popular rap tends to be.
    No need to process your vocals other than noise removal. I can do the processing beyond that.

    If that sounds like your game, go ahead and shoot me a message on here! Here's the beat for the verse: https://soundcloud.com/disturbinglyplain/hybrid-trap-beat/s-QQFaK

  2. 2721830
    mediansky : Tue 14th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    I'm totally down my email is josh795 @ iCloud.com

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