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    YourzTruLee : Sat 11th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    Hey Loopergang!!
    I know I've been on hiatus for quite some time, and am happy to be back.
    During my time away we've upgraded our studio space and equipment, as well as started working with some pretty phenomenal artists.
    Just this week we've released the first song for JSTMKY, an up and coming mc from Victoria Island, in Vancouver. So far the song was exclusively released on SoundCloud, but I wanted to share it with the looper family for constructive criticism and mixing feedback!
    The vocals were recorded with a Neuman U87ai and a UA6176 pre. My room currently has NO sound diffusion, and it reflects in the vocals quite a bit. I tried to mix it in as best as I could, but the room is like a big bass trap. Something I have to remedy very soon.
    If you like the dig the vibes, streams/likes/comments/shares & subs to the soundcloud page would be BEYOND appreciated. SoundCloud: JSTMKY
    Hope you guys enjoy the tune! And looking forward to you're feedback!
    Much love to the looperville!!!

  2. 229424
    YourzTruLee : Sat 11th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    The song is the third one down one my profile page, titled "Interlude JSTMKY".

    thank you!

  3. 229424
    YourzTruLee : Mon 13th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    Not a single remark :*(

  4. 2780933
    bobbyoddsock : Tue 14th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    i think the lack of a perfect recording space worked in the vocals' favor for this track. it added a great flavor k and let the vocals sit nicely with that instrumental. great mix imo!

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    Looperman : Tue 14th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    upload the song here and provide the link to the track

  6. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Tue 14th May 2019 : 5 months ago


    Here is the link to his song. In the future make sure you copy the link so that people can go directly for a listen


  7. 229424
    YourzTruLee : Tue 14th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    Thank you @Mahloo13. I didnt think I was allowed to post links directly in the forum post. I do appreciate you posting the link!
    Thank you lil morpho! I do think the room verb added some depth to the vocals, although I would have rather applied my own reverb to a dry signal. I feel like for sure I should have lowered the breath in between his lines at least 2-3dbs. After listening a few time they for sure seem to cut through the mix pretty loudly. The only other area I'm skeptical of is the compression. I applied compression to most tracks individually, but when doing final mix, i also turned on a master compressor over the mix. While it does work, I feel like in a couple areas it's almost too aggressive. Does anyone else agree? And what other suggestions would you guys make? Looking for any crustructive criticism and feedback. Theres always room for improvement :) thanks again looperfamily for assistance on this. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

  8. 1041668
    wikkid : Tue 14th May 2019 : 5 months ago


    Imho the other issue is you're not commenting on other people's tracks, so your track isn't moving up (and it may fall off the featured track page if you don't start giving constructive critiques, the same as you are seeking).

    You have to give to get, as per Looperman track rules: "... first set it to "featured" and then go out and comment on other users tracks. The idea here is we give more priority to tracks from users who choose to give back to the community."

    I hope this helps.

  9. 229424
    YourzTruLee : Tue 14th May 2019 : 5 months ago

    Thanks for the comment Wikkid, I have been commenting on the tracks that catch my attention, although I've just gotten back to looperman a few days ago so perhaps not enough. I do understand that looperman is as much about giving as it is receiving. I am currently working on a sampler pack exclusively made for looperman from sampling my Korg M3, so be on the lookout for those they will be gold :) Thanks for you're input, I will for sure be more active on this platform moving forward. Bless!


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