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  1. 2960494
    Umissonthebeat : Wed 8th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    Hello everybody!

    I need for someone a help to make better beats cause my beats are so lame and boring. I need help from a experienced Producer.

    If u want to help a producer with a potential in it you can contact me at:

    Or DM on looperman or comment

  2. 2342922
    aklxiv : Wed 8th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    Some things that helped me:
    1) Get better samples (drums or melody)
    overused and low quality samples will make almost anything you make sound like every other trap beat, try to find some unique and high quality kits/samples (you can find some drum kits on r/drumkits or try to buy one)
    2) Add something new/change something every 8-16 bars
    The key to keeping a beat interesting is making sure its got some variation, even the coolest melody can get boring very quickly unless you add a little variation to it. You do not need to change everything, just a few small subtle things to keep the listener interested.
    3) Try to learn how to mix/master/structure a beat
    internet money has a videos showing mixing tips, and learning how to track out a beat will help it sound less boring and give the listeners ears a break every so often
    4) Be more creative with your drums
    try adding some weird sounds, try using 4 different hi hats, or just something different, doing something creative and unique (while still sounding good) will really help set you apart from others, and it will increase your abilities as a producer
    5) Learn how to use effects plugins
    this one isn't as important as using high quality samples or learning how to mix, but it has the potential to take a average melody and turn it into something amazing. (reverb, delay, compressor, limiter, time manipulation (gross beat), sample slicing (slicex), etc.)
    6) Try to diversify
    try to make a beat with only drums that you sampled yourself, or try to sample a 1930's song, or try to use a plugin that you have never used before. Versitility is key, any producer can make a generic trap beat, but when you push your personal boundaries is when you are learning the most.
    7) Make what you like
    If you like how it sounds, others will too. You dont need to make a certain style/genre of music because it is popular, if you want to get better you need some practice, if you love what you are doing then it is easy to stick at it.
    8) You are gonna make a ton of trash
    Every producer has made a ton of trash beats, your first 50 - 100 will most likely be terrible, but that doesnt matter, what matters is that you figure out what is bad about them, and then try to fix it in the next one.

  3. 2371546
    Sunbeats : Wed 8th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    If you follow what aklxiv outlined you will be fine. Also watch "buzybeats" and "In The Mix" on youtube. There are other great channels too.

  4. 2804727
    LockBeat : Sat 11th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    ok so first off with your beats:
    1. you dont always have to start the intro with a hit buildup.
    basically what I've seen in your beats is that you usually start putting the hi-hats in the intro to get the beat moving. now sometimes this can be smart but not all beats go with it. ALSO hi-hats bring the song to life with rhythm, so i suggest waiting for the drop to put them in. like look at one of my new beats, in the intro i actually add a weird drum pattern instead of anything else and it brought the beat to a WHOLE other level.

    2. switch up your hi-hats.
    i listened and pretty much ALL of your beats use the same hi-hat pattern. change it up a little.

    3. you need chords+melody, not just melody. like in this song-
    now dont get me wrong, this beat has a FIREEEE flow to it, just not enough. you are only using notes with no chords the whole song. now the intro was fine with only notes, but for the drop there should've been some chords underneath.

    4. bass needs to be deep.
    so I've noticed this in ALL your beats. the bass has NO depth. like i have extreme bass boosted sony headphones that bring pretty much All the deep bass out and your bass wouldn't shake or anything. it just sounds like some extra melodies. now this might be the bass quality, BUT i have a solution for you. put an EQ on the track and then put on some headphones and then play around with it until you get that nice crisp deep bass.

    I'm gonna listen some more between in the meanwhile you ask me any questions or anything that i haven't helped with or i haven't covered

  5. 1002337
    Ian1337 : Sat 11th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    What DAW do you use? maybe you need to look into certain aspects of improving your knowledge of that to accomplish what you want to hear

    How do you structure your instrumental in the DAW? it's best to keep everything seperate in my opinion (and by that I mean every drum sound, every synth) dont layer in the same patterns in FL (split by track) or in reason don't use the same redrum for all of your drum kit, use multiple ones and compress sounds, then EQ them (depending on the daw's ^ thats assuming you use FL studio or reason but there are loads of others you could be using lol).

    When making your beat, you need to think - is it complete - does it need something else, or something taking away? does it need FX etc

    After structure its about the mix, a decent mix will improve the sound and bring it to life

  6. 2804727
    LockBeat : Sun 12th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    also if you feel like your beat "Might" be done but your not sure, leave it alone for about 2 hours or longer then come back to it with fresh ears to hear how it sounds and what you could do different. always make sure you are 100% sure about your beats

  7. 2864463
    DisPla : Sun 12th May 2019 : 2 months ago

    If you're using Ableton, then this is my advice. For your sub bass, use Operator, set to Sin Wave. Adjust the "Fine" knob until you get a nice heavy shake that you like. Then, grab the Distortion preset from Overdrive, and put that after your Operator to give the sub some tone. Then, grab an EQ 8, deactivate all points but one. Set that point to be a 4x Rolloff, and remove the high end entirely. I usually leave it set around 100-150 Hz. Then just play your low notes in your midi clip and you're set with a pretty nice sub bass

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