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    JohnsonQ : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 1 year ago

    I would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to answer these 10 questions, thanks!

    1. What is your role and explain what you do?

    2. What was it that made you choose music as a career path over anything else and was there ever another career path you were going to take?

    3. Any amazing or terrible moments you’ve had so far along your journey to success

    4. Favorite software or hardware you’ve used?

    5. Any dream pieces of software or hardware you would like to get in the future?

    6. What are your thoughts on the future of music, where is it headed in terms of a technological advancement?

    7. What’s your favorite part of producing/composing?

    8. What’s your least favorite part?

    9. Worst software you’ve ever used?

    10. Would you ever consider becoming a singer/songwriter as well as a producer because I see a lot of producers and singers trying to be on both sides of the playing field and what are your opinions on the people that do this

  2. 2972616
    TenahiBeats : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 1 year ago

    1. our role as music producers is to construct a beat for a rapper/ singer etc
    2. I was watching a lot of Deconstructed by Genius, where they break down hit songs, also we had to use a software for school and that got e into it
    3. Hasnt been anyterrible moments, neither amazing moments
    4. best software has got to be FL Studio
    which is also my favourite
    5. I would love to get the Omnishpere plugin, which the whole plugin costs 500- 600 dollars, also to get a midi keyboard
    6. the future of music is looking alright, most songs arent as creative nowadays and they probably wont be in the future, but in terms of beats, its looking bright.
    7. my favoutire part of producing is the final product, when you sit down and listen to a beat u just made, it feels great if the beat is good.
    8. my least favoutire part is having very limited sounds for producing for me personally
    9.. Probably LMMS is the worst ive used
    10. probablt not, because most producers that rap are shit ngl

  3. 2388403
    therednebula : Fri 26th Apr 2019 : 1 year ago

    1. I make "unorthodox" electronic music. I do a little sound designing and I write and sing my own songs and its a bit of a disaster but i have fun anyways.

    2. I kinda was was toying around with audacity slowing down or speeding up or reversing soundtracks from video games and it kinda somehow inspired me to make my own music and I got magix music maker 2014 and the whole production appealed to me cuz it just made sense to me and I always knew I was a creative person. at the same time i wanted to be an animator or a game developer but it got a bit overwhelming but music just made more sense to me so that's how i became a music producer.

    3. only thing comes to mind was a bad day where some kids who were bullies to me and my brother some how discovered my music you tube channel and talked smack about how crappy my voice was and other crap and i just sat there and listen to them talk smack about me calling me and my music names and it was like one of my nightmares coming true. literally i had dreams about this before it happened and now it became reality. but it only motivated me to try harder and get better...

    4. currently i use FLstudio but for hardware im using a Roland vt3 which is fun as heck! and i try to play guitar

    5. literally any piece of hardware. theirs something about physical synths that are so bad@ss to me.

    6. i think the mainstream music is going down the toilet but the underground artist are getting more recognition and new music ideas are being created. theirs no telling where its going to go next but i'm hopeful...

    7. That's a hard question. most likely making the crazy parts in music and experimentation and that moment when you make something on accident and it becomes very cool.

    8. doing all the marketing stuff. telling people to listen to my crap.

    9. I used Lmms as a DAW and it was frustrating to say the least.

    10. I try to be a singer and song writer (and i fail) as well being a producer because its fun to write songs. its like writing poetry but more cooler. but i also like to artistically express my feelings and putting them into music is so much easier to me.

  4. 2142002
    The16thBar : Mon 29th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    1. As a producer i consider my role is to create everything in a song apart from the vocals and sometimes even that if i have to! While conventionally producers are the guys who mix/create sounds into meaningful tracks which can be heard as they are or sung over, i try to be the whole package as making songs is never about making beats or arranging audio clips in a meaningful way that might "sell". Songs are about human expression just as dance or any other art form is.
    So to be more specific, i record my instruments(guitars keyboards etc.), do sound design(i.e. make those deep af pads, growly synths and screaming leads XD) and the penultimate step is to add effects and process the sound while simultaneously arranging them according to the song structure such that it sounds like a song rather than samples on a loop. This is usually it unless the song involves vocals which either I or another singer can record over.

    2. There is one and only one major reason which made me fall in love with music and choose it as a career option over all else. Andeven though i found many more reasons along the way this will always remain true..."Music has no rules"
    Now i know some people might quote music theory, scales,harmony and what not as rules, but think of it this way- decades ago who would have thought that there could be music outside of what came out of guitars, drums, keyboards etc.? Even they might have looked down on the someone who came up with dubstep(arranging weird sounds with no regard for music theory with just one purpose of making people bounce) But people broke that rule and here we are. And unlike all other professions where breaking rules might get people killed, in music it only helps the art move forward.

    3. Terrible? LOADS!! Every time the track I made with weeks of efforts fails to gain traction(plays, follows, likes etc.), i feel like giving it all up. Right at the beginning people wouldn't even try to listen to your music because these days discovery is more about who is already well known. not about how good this new artist is.
    Amazing moments have also been a familiar sight through out- When My first video came out which crossed over the 1k plays mark was one of the best feelings ever. And everytime a friend or a random music lover sends u a dm like "sounds dope bro!" that becomes a memorable moment by itself.
    4. Favourite software - Fruity Loops Studio 20

  5. 2142002
    The16thBar : Mon 29th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    5. Dream Software? I'd love to have the Kontakt Komplete Library if i can ever afford it in the future(there is literally no library more Komplete*pun intended*)
    Dream Hardware - Basically the next best guitar out there. I have an LPC for a guitar, M audio CODE Keyboard, novation launch pad(64 keys) and scarlet 2i2 interface. There is practically nothing more i could want but there is always the next best sounding guitar or plugin which can fuel your desire perpetually literally every year.

    6. Music is becoming more of an industry than an artform as the days go by. It is becoming more and more about "who you know" instead of "what you know" and that worries a lot of us. In terms of technology, we are moving forward to the point of saturation and overkill now. Like monitoring headphones used to have the freq range of 20-20k hz which is the human range of hearing but now they reach upto 10hz on the lower end and over 26khz on the higher end which is clearly overkill since we cannot even hear it!
    7. My favourite part of producing is when i freestyle with the instruments and the sound design with no idea where i am going to end up. i love it because it is what i truly am, no sound fx, no plugins, no fancy automation. JUST. PLAIN. ORIGINAL.COMPOSITION!
    8. I'll have to agree with rednebula on this one. I really hate the marketing part of music and i just wish someone could do all this "wetwork"for me instead.
    9. Worst software? Hmm. i dont really have an answer for that since i have always used what i am using even now. But in cases of synths the award goes to massive. I know i'll recieve a ton of flak for this but when there are exponentially better alternatives like Harmor(additive synthesis) or Serum. Then why go with something like massive.
    10 I think that it is pretty cool for a person to be good at both sides. But it only works if you are actually any good with those roles. Bad producer, good singer? The songs will sound dead and repetitive with an angel singing over it(No one wants to hear that. Good prodcuer? Bad singer? The song will overall be bad(with the exception of autotune of course) as vocal based songs centre around the vocals rather than anything else. Now i try to be both and even though i a doing my best sometimes i fails miserably while sometimes soemthing truly good comes out!

  6. 264208
    LAmuzic : Mon 29th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    I have one question :) I noticed, you have been on this site for a little over one year and a half. so, how come you don't have anything uploaded? Just curious. :)

  7. 2463217
    JohnsonQ : Tue 30th Jul 2019 : 11 months ago

    I don't really use this site to upload stuff, I only use it to find collaborations and get inspired by loops created by other people. If you wanna hear my stuff there is a link on my profile page to my Youtube page. Thank you for taking interest!

    Also thank you to everyone who answered my questions i had a great time reading.

  8. 2298815
    akabedhead : Thu 14th Nov 2019 : 7 months ago

    1. when just producing, ill usually have something ready for an artist to use, the rapper/singer will usually record something to fit the beat, but what a good producer will do is then change the beat to fit the vocals, its a compromise that makes music so much better and why producers are important

    2. this isn't a career for me, i'm just really into music, im studying to be a mathematician

    3. the first time i released my music on spotify, and my friend called me to tell me how good it was

    4. pirated Fl. its fun using a contact mic. if instruments count, guitar + foam paintbrush work really well

    5. a better regular microphone, my vocals quality is trash

    6. i think note automation is slowing down and well get more stuff to change samples

    7. when everything fits just right and i can listen to it on repeat

    8.the other day i couldn't figure out a sample. i figured out the scale but couldn't find a good harmony

    9. any phone app that tries to be a beat machine

    10. i am, some people are surprised. they're usually easier to work with since they understand producing, but working with anyone who's just starting out is a bit of a headache, producer or vocalist.

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