What Advice Of Yours Should A Beatmaker Follow

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  1. 3103352
    Rockseller : Wed 24th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    have a rule that improve workflow and quality of the product? what was helpful for you to learn and to heed?

    thx for your suggestion

  2. 186161
    Spivkurl : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    There are no rules when you are in the studio. In public, and on the internet, there are rules galore. Follow them, or you'll end up on a list... a black list, a ban list, a blocked list or whatever.

  3. 3345663
    pepperkayn : Fri 2nd Aug 2019 : 2 weeks ago

    I know this post was around three months ago but I'd thought I'd share.

    10+1 rules in music... (the way I learned it, anyway):

    1 > Listen!..to everything. Inspiration will come from anywhere at any time. If you can, carry a portable audio recorder everywhere you go.

    2 > Learn basic music theory - although not essential because as the old adage states "if it sounds right, it is right" But the theory could help with movement within a piece or selecting the right key when projecting emotion whether it's happy/sad/angry.

    3 > Learn to use what you have to the best of your ability - this goes for your virtual or real equipment/instruments. Become the master of your own world. Then take it further when you can afford to do so. You'll be better prepared, and more appreciative.

    4 > Don't copy anyone else's sound - your work will get lost and misrepresented by what's gone before. Influence/inspiration is OK, but if you're planning to use guitar effects that sound like U2, then that's all anyone else will hear! Although sometimes, this can't be helped.

    5 > Don't use someone else's music without permission. That's a whole world of $h1t you don't want to get into!

    6 > Don't take credit for something which is not yours or you had no part in producing. However, if happens to you, tell the world about it!

    7 > Give credit where it's due. If you do use someone else's work (with permission), give the appropriate credit and be thankful.

    8 > Respect all types of music whether you're into them or not - apart from thrash metal. I have no idea why or how this genre exists.

    9 > Absolutely enjoy what you do! Even if you don't. Others will hear it in your music.

    10 > DO YOUR OWN THING! - be original all the way. The further outside the box you go, the further your music will go!

    10+1 > Always clear your cookies after visiting websites that end in .xxx

  4. 3103352
    Rockseller : Fri 2nd Aug 2019 : 2 weeks ago

    nice . thank you pepperkayn

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