How Do You Guys Come Up With Your Beats

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  1. 3057425
    frybriYT : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    I was wondering how people came up with their beats. What do you usually do first when creating something new? Do you listen to something and try to recreate it? Any advice you have for someone who doesn't really know where to start?

  2. 2371546
    Sunbeats : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    You need to be inspired by something. As a newbie, start by listening to as many beats (you like) as possible and try to recreate some of them to learn how they were created. While doing that you may even create a new unique beat by mistake.

    Watch many youtube videos on how to create beats.

    Try to experiment with different sounds and drum patterns. Practice makes perfect. And don't be afraid to upload your beats here to get feedbacks from people.
    Good luck.

  3. 2218354
    Sorus : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    I usually start with melodies first, I would recommend that everyone start with melodies since it gives you a layout on how your drums and baselines should sound. Like Sunbeats said, Watching youtube videos on mixing basics will improve your music very quickly, I used to watch a channel called busyworksbeats and it really showed me the basics of melodies and mixing which are the most important parts of your beats. Listening to others and getting inspired by it is also good but don't try to completely replicate their sound, try to use their melodies and drums to recreate something different, don't be afraid of trying new sounds even if it doesn't sound good. Since I know how to make melodies and lay down chords im scared of trying new sounds and different melody patterns since I know that it will sound wrong, but being new you won't know these things, so experiment as much as possible, its what will give you your unique sound every producer needs to make it in the music industry.

  4. 2218354
    Sorus : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    But if you can't lay down some melodies right of the ripp, dont be discouraged. There is thousands of melodies on this site that can get you started, learn how to create rhythms in your beats over a premade melody, best advice I could ever give.

  5. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    The first thing anyone should do is learn an instrument, it's not rocket science but it does take practice, if you don't you'll always be dependent on sampling and using loops, which is a far cry from being in total control of your creativity.

  6. 372886
    Bilbozo : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    Most music is based on just a few simple basics. Melody, rhythm can take almost any form or shape. Without getting too specific because it's shear immensity of diversity, it's best to know what makes you feel inspired when you hear music. Once you have a melody and rhythm pattern, which is your basic foundation like a house, you are ready to add other building blocks or elements to your song. There is lots of experimentation and often you ears can get tired. Be sure to step away and come back fresh if you begin to feel frustrated or tired. With a fresh approach later, it can ignite new ideas. Lastly let people hear it, critique it and take in those suggestions, and if they are viable make some changes to polish your finished track. These are basics, but there is mastering and mixing methods that will be learned over time. The most important thing is to never stop innovating and enjoying it for what it extension of your own expression. Music is to communicate, celebrate and if you are a Barry White fan, to fornicate. Have fun !

  7. 3015730
    micshafes : Fri 19th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    Sometimes I like to think up a chorus and then build a beat around it. Other times, I just hit shuffle in Omnisphere and mess around on my midi lol

  8. 3102135
    xoboybeats : Sat 20th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    Haven't read any other comments, but I would recommend since i'm guessing you're a beginner, to watch some YouTube videos to get some melody motivation and such. I would recommend Internet Money or KbeaZy. If you really want to learn how to make quality melodies learn music theory, its literally the key to all golden music and will give you the greatest sounding melodies. Download some midi's and sample packs, study the algorithms of chords and basic melodies. With practice you could be on top.

    I'll personally send you all the midi kits and sample packs I have, and trust me they're good, I always like to help people out.

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