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    SoberBaker : Wed 17th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    Hi. I'm looking for feedback on a mix I did. This is the first mix I've did on a beat that has more than one stem. I want to see what the pros and cons of it are and anything I can improve on.

    I'm specifically concerned about the levelling. Even though I'm fine with it how it sounds, I want to see how other people perceive it.

    Here's a link to it


  2. 847669
    EricMilligan : Thu 18th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    Try asked for feedback. Frankly, the mix sounds kind of lifeless to me. And, I don't think you have used the full potential of the soundstage (different parts panned left, right, and centre, front of the sound stage, back of the soundstage, etc.)

    The most obvious thing is that it seems you've used little panning of sounds. Virtually everything is bunched up in the middle.

    Kick needs some bottom. I'd consider layering multiple kicks, EQing each to focus on a specific part of the frequency spectrum and best transients. The bass in the tracks on your Soundcloud page sound better, although I'd like to hear the tracks with a bit less reverb.

    Not sure what EQing you've done it. on this one. I think the snare might be sharpened up a bit. Levels of each part seemed OK, but I haven't listened on speakers. I'd need to listen to the track on my monitors and in the car for a proper assessment.

  3. 2595940
    SoberBaker : Thu 18th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    I can definitely see why it would sound lifeless. I really wasn't worried about it sounding bright or full of life. I was more focused on it sounding decent, clean, and cohesive. I kind of liked that it's "dull" like that though, especially since the melody has a pretty low pitch.

    In terms of panning, I panned the hihat to L11 and the tamborine to R4. I didn't want to pan them too much and spend too much time thinking about it. I also wasn't sure how much is too much and how more panning would impact the mix.

    I removed a good amount of low end on the kick (I know that's the most important of kick drums) because the kick sounded like it had too much punch and bass for the track in my opinion. The tracks on my SoundCloud were mixed by someone else, but I wanted to learn how to mix by myself so that I don't have to rely on anyone, and to add my own style to my beats.

    The snare was very sharp without any EQing. I added low end, a little hi mid, and removed a little hi end on it.

    I really appreciate the feedback. I know mixing can be based on personal preference and I kind of like that my mix sounds lifeless (go figure haha), but I thought that it was most important to find out if my mix sounding bad or all over the place in terms of the levels and EQing. I know it's good to get an opinion from another set of ears.

  4. 2595940
    SoberBaker : Thu 18th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    Also, since the melody had some glittering high end frequencies that I cut and the melody is so ambient, it was hard for me to get a grasp on what would sound too loud in terms of leveling

  5. 2297893
    MusicByZephyr : Thu 18th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    Hey SoberBaker,

    I will keep this informational yet simple and fast! :)

    -Nice flow
    -Consistent melody

    Things to work with:
    -Too Repetitive
    -Try adding new sounds

    Overall, great track, keep workin! :)

  6. 2595940
    SoberBaker : Thu 18th Apr 2019 : 3 months ago

    Thanks. I prefer to use loops, especially when I use samples, but I know what you mean. What aspects of the mix specifically do you think need work?

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