Neo And Kings X

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    Neomorpheus : Sun 7th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    One of my favorite bands is Kings X. I discovered them in the early nineties when they they were starting to get popular. My old band Speed of Life was playing a club gig in Dallas and the guys showed up and during a break introduced themselves. They were in town for a concert and the club was close to their hotel. They were super cool, showed interest in the band and hung out with us for a couple hours. Long story short they gave us tickets to their show which was fantastic. I became a fan of their music and specifically Ty Tabor's guitar playing. They became a huge influence for me and my musical taste and my direction for playing. They are a progressive metal band that in my opinion rivals any 3 piece group. Their music combines Metal, hard rock, Funk, soul and blues. All 3 members sing and admit they were heavily influenced by the Beatles and its evident in their vocal harmonies. We covered several of their songs in my bands and I still like to play along to their music. I made a recording last night doing a play along to their song "Lost In Germany". I believe anyone who plays an instrument does this. I'm not able to post the recording here since it would be a violation of the guidelines for uploads but I've compiled a video and posted it on Youtube in case anyone would like to hear it. This is a pet peeve pf mine where the guide lines are concerned, but I understand Shans position. I personally love to hear other musicians recreations and interpretations.

    Anyhow I was wondering if anyone else here has any stories of meeting bands or famous musicians? If so please share.

    If you have never heard any Kings X and you like progressive rock/ metal, alternative rock, groove, funk, soul, gospel etc. you owe it to yourself to check them out. Here's a few of my faves.

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    danke : Sun 7th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    Hi Neo!

    One of the most underrated band ever...
    Dogman is probably the best detuned and groovy rock/metal album...
    I listened to this disc as 11th favourite album on my Looperman list...:-)
    Don't have stories, we live on the weak side of the world, how many people do you know where Hungary is??? but really...then a cool rock band...
    Ddn't see them live, just hope...I'm over 50 and I'm going to see Slayer now...:-)
    Thanx for the thread Neo, long live rock'n'groovy

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    Neomorpheus : Mon 8th Apr 2019 : 5 months ago

    Your right danke, underrated beyond belief. Some explain it as a racial thing because Doug is black and that wasn’t exactly common in the rock scene of the late 80s; still isn’t today. Others have speculated it was due to the industry labeling them as a Christian band, which even though a lot of their lyrics did contain or suggest spiritual references and messages, they did not intend or want to be categorized as such. The ‘C’ word was the kiss of death in the 80s. Christian bands were considered a joke then. But still its confusing. They were adored by the press, amassed a sizeable fan base, and even though they have had reasonable success they should have been huge. Almost thirty years together now and 15 albums they are still going.

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