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    Comeoutside : Wed 3rd Apr 2019 : 4 months ago

    What's good,

    I'm a music producer who's planning on starting an engagement group on Social Media platforms (Mainly Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud).

    I've realized that there's a lot of wasted talent trying to showcase their music but it isn't reaching enough people.Some people invest too much money on ads, but not everyone can afford all that. I've been doing some research on social media marketing and how people rank their content. One of the best ways to get noticed it through engagement. People are more likely to follow you back if your content has activity going on.

    Let me cut to the chase.. Basically I am going to make a group on Instagram that's focused on supporting and engaging with each others content by liking and commenting, we can also share ideas and support those who need advice.

    I understand some artist/producers might not be as good as other, but it's better to motivate each other than to discourage. Everyone is welcomed to join.

    To stay in the group:
    -you have to be active.
    -willing to support everyone.
    -Respect everyone

    If you're interest comment your Instagram below, or DM me on there, I'll follow back @comeoutsde

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