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    DJJPA : Sun 24th Mar 2019 : 10 months ago

    I first want to rave about looperman. And much of it is in agreement with the "you don't know how great looperman is" thread. I took some years out the studio, but here and there I'd create something and share it elsewhere and found that nowhere else is the community as supportive and sharing of their knowledge as this site.

    Now for the rant.
    After coming back here 5 years later, I'm no longer strictly on my desktop or laptop. I find myself mostly checking out tracks, sounds, and responses to my own music, on my phone. Am I the only one constantly zooming in to hit a link, hitting the wrong link, or otherwise having trouble navigating on a phone? I have a large screen and still have to zoom almost anytime I do anything. Time has passed. We even have threads on using tablets, phones and mobile music making devices. Is there any way we could catch up to current with just the navigation of the site. If I'm the only one, or am just getting old, :D, then I apologize. But I think we need to catch up, as evidenced in the fact that I just typed a smiley emoji ;D.

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