You Dont Know How Great Looperman Is

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    BaoBou : Fri 22nd Mar 2019 : 10 months ago

    I post my tracks and ideas to a variety of places (SoundCloud, Youtube,, etc). Looperman isn't always my default or my favorite, but this week I realised I should give it more love.

    After a bit of a hiatus for some time, I posted a track again, and this time I posted it more or less at the same time across various sites.

    Guess what: you guys rule.
    * no spam
    * real plays
    * real comments
    * real (tough) love.

    That's the way you do it. I often see posts here about how Looperman needs to be improved, or how much it suxx0rs, or how much better it used to be, but whatever. This is the place to be, and y'all are the reason for that.

    Thank you all!

    Edit: ok, and as I try to post this, the page complains that my title cannot have an apostrophe and an exclamation mark - well, sorry for trying to apply grammar.

    So yes, there's that. But on the other hand, who cares?

  2. 3077340
    unstableonthetrack : Fri 22nd Mar 2019 : 10 months ago

    lol.. you're right man.. this place is the shit.. it's a community with real producers.. We have some passer by's, part timers, half hearters, bedroom executives, but it's the same with every profession with a bit of prestige. I'm glad you've found love lol and welcome back.

  3. 561119
    DJJPA : Sun 24th Mar 2019 : 10 months ago

    Absolutely agree!!

  4. 2310746
    chroma : Mon 25th Mar 2019 : 10 months ago

    Fair points, agree there

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