Acapella Uploads - Now Includes Licence Info And Type Options

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    Looperman : Fri 15th Mar 2019 : 3 years ago

    Ive just implemented a few changes to the acapellas section that has been built into the new version of the site for a while so that we can begin to transition and update required information.

    Acapella Licence
    You must now choose between 2 options ..

    1 - Free Commercial & Non Commercial
    2 - Free Non Commercial Only / Commercial Licence Required

    If your acapellas dont fall under those categories they should be removed. We dont accept uploads of acapellas where users cant download them and use them for fun and non commercially. This has always been the case, the acapellas section was never opened as a commercial marketplace.

    If you wish to prevent users from using acapellas commercially then select option two.

    If you are happy for users to use them as they wish choose option one. Option one does not mean you no longer own the copyright to your vocal it simply states that you are allowing others to use them in their projects for free.

    These options do not form any sort of legal agreement or contract between looperman and its users and are put in place simply to make finding and listing acapellas easier .

    Acapella Type
    You must now choose between 3 options

    1 - Hooks / Phrases (no longer then 10 seconds)
    2 - Single Verses
    3 - Full Songs

    These should be pretty self explanatory and will help users to find what they are looking for easier.

    For those that prefer all their acapellas to fall under one licence and have too many uploads to do it manually get in touch and let me know and ill batch update them for you.

    Those that are happy to offer acapellas free for both commercial and non commercial use as well as those that have set the correct acapella type options should now start to see more exposure as users make use of the new filters available.

    Acapella Descriptions
    As has been covered before please do not use the description area to post links to your profiles on other sites, post email addresses etc. The who section is becoming a mess. If you choose to ignore this your access to upload acapellas will be removed removed.

    I may or may not also soon include another field where you can state your terms of use but I want to avoid the problem we have now where every user comes up with their own ever growing, every complicated terms and demands.

    As ever, I'm open to sensible suggestions on how we can further improve things here for both those uploading and those looking for and using acapellas.

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    Soap : Tue 19th Mar 2019 : 3 years ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for these options !!!!!!

    thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you,and...

    Thank you !!!

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    Shamoozey : Fri 22nd Mar 2019 : 3 years ago

    Nice work Shan! It would be nice to add a 4th on the drop down menu with a Hook/Verse.
    Shamoozey likes to hook with a verse! One might call it the one two punch, but its completely awesome the way it is and avoids any confusion on acapella downloads. Cheers, lets have a cuppa sometime!

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    Looperman : Sat 25th May 2019 : 3 years ago

    A reminder to anyone uploading acapellas here.

    Acapellas must, at a minimum be available for non commercial use. You may request people contact you to discuss commercial use but uploading to a non monetised environment / profile must be allowed.

    If you are not prepared to allow your acapellas to be used non commercially they should be removed or not uploaded in the first place.

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    PatriciaEdwards : Wed 10th Jul 2019 : 2 years ago

    I know this is rather late, but maybe could be considered for the future...I do not wish to offer my acapellas for commercial use at all. Users are MORE than welcome to use them any and everywhere non commercially, but I will not negotiate on any commercial terms.

    Because the option for a commercial license is grouped with non commercial (since option one does not apply) I get inquiries about commercial licensing terms. Maybe in the future separate commercial and non commercial?

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    Nightingale : Tue 17th Sep 2019 : 2 years ago

    Very useful. Good job.

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