CAOTD 004 - Pink Floyd - Meddle

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    Looperman : Thu 28th Feb 2019 : 1 year ago

    Classic Album Of The Day
    Episode 4 - Pink Floyd - Meddle

    Todays album was chosen by Neomorpheus

    Here's what he has to say

    Meddle was Pink Floyds sixth album and some regard it as the first real Pink Floyd album. Released in October of 1971, it is widely considered their transitional album from the Syd Barrett influenced psychedelic sound of the late 1960s to the progressive sound that was to become the permanent direction for the band. Meddle also confirmed lead guitarist David Gilmour's emergence as a real shaping force within the group.

    As part of the creative process the band used several experimental methods during the recording of the album. They would spend long periods of time working on significant sounds, such as Wright feeding a single note through a Leslie speaker to produce a submarine-like ping, which was to become a key part of "Echoes". Or "One of These Days " being developed around an ostinato bass line created by Waters, by feeding the output through a Binson Echorec and he and Gilmour recording it simultaneously using two bass guitars.

    It was also during this album project that they developed the idea of utilising sounds from a variety of household objects, which they would also revisit again on future albums like The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.

    This was actually the first album I listened to by Pink Floyd. I believe it is a true masterpiece in every sense and it played such a crucial role in the development of the band. Defining the true direction for what was to become one of most highly regarded and influential Rock and Roll bands of all time.

    I have seen many bands perform live in concert over the years but they all pale in comparison to Pink Floyd. To see them perform “One of These Days” live in 1994, was nothing short of a religious experience. I have never witnessed such a powerful spectacle of sight and sound. Totally blew me away, I will never forget it !

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    crucethus : Fri 1st Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    Cool looperman, one of these days is a fav track off that album. I used to go see Dark side of the moon in 3d laser show at the planetarium. At the end of the show, they would add another brink in the wall and one of these days.! Nice memories, thanks

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    Burtsbluesboxes : Fri 1st Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    Excellent choice Neo! My favorite pink Floyd album along with Atom heart mother. Great description of how they achieved that ping.

  4. 841435
    ValveDriver : Sat 2nd Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    This album holds a special place in my heart. Not only because it's Pink Floyd, but because it was the album playing in the delivery room when my daughter was being born.
    That being said, If you'll notice, the screaming seagull effect in the atmospheric interlude also shows up later in "Is There Anybody Out There?" On The Wall, and again in Division Bell's "Marooned". The beauty of this is that it was born from a mistake that one of their roadies had made by plugging in Gilmour's wah pedal wrong. Apparently, it gave out a big scream instead of it's intended purpose. Gilmour loved it, (for what it was), and ended up experimenting with it. This was long before they even wrote Echoes. So, that one accident ended up a reccurring part over the span of Pink Floyd's carreer. That's not the only time they've reused certain parts throughout their work. It's also something, (one of several) that has had an influence on my own work. Becuase of that, I have also reused different sounds and effects in my own work. Not to make it about me, but more to illustrate how influencial these guys are to so many people. Specifically, this album.
    Great pick, Neo!

  5. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sun 3rd Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    Awesome story Aaron, not too many people can claim Pink Floyd played at their Birth - day party! Also a few more cool Floyd facts there. I wasn't aware but in doing some research for this I also found out that all the material they composed for this album wasn't used. One in particular was "Brain Damage", in which the lyrics includes the line "And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too, I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon". We all know the rest of that history.

    I had a memory surface as part of this transpired, that I have to share. I recalled a trip to a department store with my parents right about the time I was starting to take an interest in music. I had split off from them in the store and went to the record department and began thumbing through the record albums. I remember coming across Pink Floyd's Saucer Full of Secrets album. My first thought was "what a stupid name for a rock band" (ha ha)! But the album cover was quite interesting and upon further inspection I noticed something that caught my eye and instantly piqued my interest in the band. I was probably around 10/11 years old but was huge into comic books. I noticed that on the right side of the cover was a faint image of "Dr. Strange" and in the upper left hand corner, the "Living Tribunal" also appeared. The cover was a psychedelic collage of blended imagery that also included astrological signs, planets, etc..

    So yeah, a rock band that were also interested in comic books got a major cool mark from me at the time. I didn't realize until many years later that it was really the album cover designer, Storm Thorgerson's idea. However, Pink Floyd also made another reference to Dr. Strange in their song “Cymbaline,” on the soundtrack to the movie "More", with these lyrics “…and Doctor Strange is always changing size.” So the guys must of had some kind of interest in the character.

  6. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    nice saw them live but umaguma was best by far umaguma was at the start and in the end sounds like some wild crazy music you hear too day made by computers

  7. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    ummagamma was relesad I 69 as exspirementle and it was realy trippy

  8. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    steely dan cant buy a trhill was by far another engish band classic album

  9. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    I don't think pink Floyd would have ever broken the usa market if the wall movie never came out that broke Floyd into national stardom

  10. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    wich made darkside of the moon a choice in usa

  11. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    funny thing is I was standing in line for the bracelets too get tickets in a shopping plaza this old lady came up and said whats all the commotion my friend said its pink Floyd tickets old lady said wich ones pink every one laughfed at her but its a line in a song she was playing on went over every ones head

  12. 2615019
    Unknown User : Mon 4th Mar 2019 : 1 year ago

    oh and yess union another English band album the whole world can except as a great

  13. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Mon 6th May 2019 : 1 year ago

    How did I miss this? Pink Floyd was the band of my childhood. My father had a tape machine and he used to put "Shine on you crazy diamond" every morning when he went to work and he just let it play, still get chills today when listening to that song.

    All the albums are masterpieces but they are hard to digest at first, you need to give them time and then they grow on you.

    The multitude of genres and influences in their music are incredible, and with a bit of time it becomes really obvious that they set starting points for a lot of things and changes that came afterwards in regards to how music was produced. They really did pioneer a lot of stuff without even knowing it.

  14. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Tue 7th May 2019 : 1 year ago

    YouTube link broken!

    Try this one instead:

  15. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sun 12th May 2019 : 1 year ago

    Thanks Joe.
    Here's a video of the concert tour I mentioned above and the last time I saw them. For those who have never attended a Pink Floyd show this gives you a "fleeting glimpse" of what its like.

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