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    Looperman : Thu 14th Feb 2019 : 8 months ago

    Classic Album Of The Day
    Episode 3 - The KLF - Chill Out

    Chill Out is the third studio album by The KLF, released in February 1990 and one of the earliest ambient house concept albums. The music describes a mythical night-time journey to the U.S. Gulf Coast states beginning in Texas and ending in Louisiana.

    Chill Out was conceived as a continuous piece of music, with original KLF music interwoven with samples from songs by Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, Acker Bilk, Van Halen, 808 State and field recordings of Tuvan throat singers. Its best known track is "Wichita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard".

    According to KLF member Bill Drummond, the album and album sleeve has "the vibe of the rave scene over here [in the UK]. When we're having the big Orbital raves out in the country, and you're dancing all night and then the sun would come up in the morning, and then you'd be surrounded by this English rural countryside ... we wanted something that kind of reflected that, that feeling the day after the rave, that's what we wanted the music for.

    For those that have never heard of The KLF check the wikipedia entry and find out their attempts to subvert the art world, the burning of a million pounds and their recent resurgence after 23 years in self imposed exile only to come back as funeral directors where, in Liverpool, they plan to build a pyramid of bricks containing the ashes of those who chose to enter into Mumufication.

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    EricMilligan : Fri 15th Feb 2019 : 8 months ago

    One of my favourites, Looperman. I have most of their music, I think. I listened to them when their stuff was new, which really dates me I guess. The White Room was one of my favourite albums. I read about them burning 1M pounds. Crazy! From everything I've read they have to be one of the most eccentric groups ever. I sometimes get the impression they are pranksters, having a great laugh at those of us who took them seriously. But then, I change my mind and decide that they really were genius. Whatever the case, they were amazingly dedicated to their art.

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    joecramer : Fri 15th Feb 2019 : 8 months ago

    Here it's the same. I listen to them mostly from the their first moment. And i was already not the youngest them :)
    From my personal point of view "the white room" is THE album from them but from the genre point of view this one is for sure a milestone or maybe THE milestone.
    If some looks for an album that is chilly then this one is for sure one of the chilliest one ever made.
    I always got some chills when this fragments from the later upcoming White Room album pops up. But mostly it is an album for me to calm down when i really need it extrem. In my "normal" life it is a bit to chilly.
    So for me this album isn't new, same like the Brian Eno one but i have to say that it fits perfect in this row….
    The both guys are really creative guys and every body should just listen to some of their stuff for sure, cause they really made art on a high level. …..
    So, and now it is time to have a listen to the white room for me (the first time this year)

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    Neomorpheus : Sat 16th Feb 2019 : 8 months ago

    This is quite a wild experiment of an album. I have to admit I have never heard of these guys before ! I can appreciate it in terms of an artistic endeavor but not so much in the musical sense. I do very much like the bits of pedal steel. Its an instrument that I have always loved listening to and even thought about learning to play. There's a lot of elements here that make me think of Pink Floyd.

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    StaticNomad : Mon 1st Apr 2019 : 6 months ago

    Neo: You've missed out a bit by not hearing about these interesting guys.

    Check out this cool KLF song featuring Tammy Wynette, the country singer. It shouldn't work but totally does.

    Justified And Ancient.

    And Last Train To Transcentral is another fun one. Have a look at the music video.

  6. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Wed 3rd Apr 2019 : 6 months ago

    Yeah, they really are out there. Not really my style of music. I just never could handle much of the older dance music, especially disco. I do admire their creativity though.

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