Looking For Producers Or Artists I Will Mix And Master Tracks

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  1. 1856969
    Rdawg1234545 : Sun 10th Feb 2019 : 8 months ago

    I am currently a college student in my sophomore year pursuing an audio engineering degree, I have access to a high quality studio along with some damn good plugins, If you would like to work contact me
    soundcloud username - sounddesine

  2. 3067188
    Eswa : Mon 11th Feb 2019 : 8 months ago

    I am interested on what you said. I try to make everything as professional as i can, here you can hear it a song that i made everything on my own. If you like what i do and you think we could do something, message me ampl.ink/go3pw

Posts 1 - 2 of 2

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