DJ Scratching Needed

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  1. 805786
    EgoHimself : Sat 9th Feb 2019 : 6 months ago

    It's so hard to find a DJ that actually scratches for hip-hop songs now.

    Looking for a decent DJ to collab with for scratches for a few projects.

    Hit me up!

    I can return the favor with vocals, lyrics, songwriting if needed...

    I'm a writer/lyricist. I'm nice. Deep and different.

    Check me out as Wolf Mike Benson on Bandcamp.

  2. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sat 9th Feb 2019 : 6 months ago

    Old skool DJ gear is quite rare now. The setup is quite expensive these days due to the availability and price of the equipment. The most cost effective way now is to buy a loop pack of DJ turntable scratches. You can also search for a DJ on YouTube like I did a while back. Just introduce yourself to some of them and be prepared to show some examples of your best work. You will get replies since you said you have something to offer in return.
    My Demo song was done with legally cleared samples
    A German DJ I used to work with.

  3. 2973394
    MilliOne : Sat 9th Feb 2019 : 6 months ago

    hey, i dont know to what extent you want scratches

    ive used some scratches and other turntable effects, especially towards the end of the track

    dont know if this is what you're looking for, but here it is anyways :)

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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