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  1. 3015730
    micshafes : Sun 20th Jan 2019 : 9 months ago
    Whenever I try to export this loop, I get popping and stutters in the bell part. I already increased the buffer size and it says that there's 0 under-runs. Any Ideas on how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  2. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Sun 20th Jan 2019 : 9 months ago

    like when exporting it out of say FL studio for example you mean man? sounded ok on link besides usual stutter when repeating over like any on site but only cause streaming, id ont know man even when ive got constant lag from overuse of VSTs fx racks and 95 percent cpu usage barely run the track it still exports clean from FL after long processing time, sorry man

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 20th Jan 2019 : 9 months ago

    Couldn't wait eight hours for more assistance? (Loop is gone).

  4. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sun 20th Jan 2019 : 9 months ago

    Try reducing the number of samples in your buffer to 1024 and step down in increments to no lower than 256 samples. Unload and remove all possible muted bus tracks in your sequencer if any. Set your soundcard driver 44.1 - 16, and I not referring to export setting but the actual default sound card driver settings. Unload all unnecessary background program apps like Google Chrome, and disconnect from the Internet and then unload your anti-virus/firewall/drive utilities and security programs (Make sure you re-enable your security programs before returning back online.) If all else fail, update your DAW and update your sound card drivers. You may also have to consider downloading and using ASIO4ALL a universal ASIO driver for Windows audio. that is if you a USB or external audio device on Windows. I am pretty sure you know you have a latency issue. My Output Latency is set to 0ms and my record Latency is set to -5ms. This setting is called different things on different DAWs. But you may have to experiment with those settings. We don't have enough details about your hardware and software so it will be quite difficult to assist you at pinpointing where the actual problem is. I just assumed you are on Windows but this may not be the case. Your hardware and software details would help us help you better, like how much RAM do you have? This site has lots of other experts here that can help once you give us those details. Peace!

  5. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sun 20th Jan 2019 : 9 months ago

    ....that is if you HAVE a USB or external...

    (wish we had an edit feature here)

  6. 3015730
    micshafes : Sun 20th Jan 2019 : 9 months ago

    Unfortunately, the loop got suspended for layering, thanks for the help Joseph, I'll try all that!

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