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  1. 342363
    Unknown User : Mon 14th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    I've been a Looperman member since 2007 but admittedly have been remiss about posting as often as I'd like. Life gets busy etc. In the past, both on this site and with its earlier incarnation that existed before the reshaping in 2009/2010 (I believe?) I never seemed to have problems posting my material. All of my loops contain more than one instrument/sound - and over the years thousands of fellow loopers have downloaded them for use in personal projects, youtube vids, commercial applications, released recordings, 'home-brew' gaming systems goes on I suppose, and I thank all who over the years have sent me messages letting me know what my stuff have been used for. I rarely respond btw don't take it personally :)


    I've gotten the loop-itch again and after a little time away have began posting once more. This time around though, I've had moderators delete my postings referencing the Looperman Upload Guidelines that state you shouldn't mix/layer different sounds and/or instruments. I'm not here to debate what makes a good or bad loop or what is good or bad for the site etc, but instead just wanted to voice my thoughts/concerns on what I feel is a shortsighted requirement on behalf of Looperman.

    Loops are loops and sounds are sounds whether they contain single or multiple points of creation, and arguably one would be hard pressed to tell the difference between such a sound when you break it down. My 'multi-sound' loops are easy/obvious to identify at times, but in other instances you wouldn't know that I slipped a small sine wave (for example) on top of and to the far right of a synth bassline. Again, my point is that loops are loops and sounds are sounds ....and any attempt to regulate that construction is rather pointless.

    I do 'get it' of course, that some people want to add their own drums or keys or whatever to something else, but I think there's value with having/allowing loops that aren't restricted to single sound instances (if there's even such a thing....) as these 'multi-instrumental' loops are just as useful when it comes to both creation and 're'creation. I think they are at least, and I'm sure those who have made use of my loops in the past would agree with me.

    And so I guess I'm here to let you know I'll be removing my profile and any uploaded loops in the near future. If Looperman changes policy and allows premixed and/or layered loops then wonderful, and if they don't then I'm sure they'll continue on in the successful ways they have I too will continue on creating in the successful way I have.

    All the best :)

  2. 2815137
    JupiterWave : Mon 14th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    I agree there're many grey areas with this rule. Especially when it comes to Synths. Piano and drums as mentioned in the guide are a clear cut case. I would appreciate some more clarity around this rule. However I won't be leaving the site whatever happens. I love it.

  3. 2984289
    MelodicMoe : Tue 15th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Don't even get me started. First, I just want to say it is an incredible platform to share your ideas, and see where other creatives turn them into something special.

    @tr0y and @JupiterWave I have had the same issue from my inception on Looperman. Some Synths I use generally have other instruments intermeshed within it. Some plugins also alter the melody slightly.

    Subsequently my loop(s) was deemed an offence and was suspended.

    Here is where it gets confusing. Some uploaders (I won't say no names as that is not my style), seem to get a free pass when it comes to melodies. The loops I heard are three times layered, with different instruments.

    Thats what confuses me.


    Melodic Moe

  4. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 15th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    That's a pretty extreme reaction if you leave the site Troy..I totally get where your coming from as I've made heaps of groove loops in the past which were very popular as well, I think the bottom line here is Looperman is attempting to make the music production side of loop use as effective as possible, many more loop downloaders will ask for single instrument or loops without additive components such as drums, transient strings, etc. I was in exactly the same frame of mind (minus the leaving Looperman part) when the groove loop category was axed, the answer is to make a faux loop pack or a consecutive series of loops with all the components separate that when combined construct your original groove loop arrangement, ok you'll say what about the small little inclusions like a bell or sound placed within a specific phrase that puts the icing on the cake, you can't just upload that by itself.....granted but putting these within the drum track or infusing them into the synth line is no hassle and here's where the art of it comes in, beat Looperman at his own game, only obvious differentials like a drum, guitar etc etc will be picked up and rejected, your obviously a passionate musician who is proud of his work so just work within the guidelines and then stretch the envelope so it doesn't stifle your creativity, be a bummer if you leave, this place needs all the musicians it can find.

  5. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Tue 15th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Everything PBJ said!

  6. 1041668
    wikkid : Tue 15th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Dear OP,

    I'm also in agreement with Planetjazzbass. It would be a shame to see you go, since you're part of the life blood of this site.

    I'd simply like to add this:

    I checked out your loops, and also checked to see if you had any tracks uploaded. Unless you've already deleted you tracks, I wondered why some of your loops weren't uploaded in the tracks section, because a few were full tracks that are all set to be instrumental songs or only need vocals and perhaps a change or two.

    What I hear as a songwriter/musician is someone (you) who has the ability to create complete tracks that are not "loops" in the sense of the requirements of this site. Putting myself in your shoes, I can understand how frustrating that might be. But you do have an option. You could take these full "loops" and make them into tracks. You also have the ability to block downloads in the track section, if that is what you wish.

    Anyway, my best to you.

  7. 1
    Looperman : Tue 15th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Its your choice to stay or go and i wish you well in whatever you choose.

    The guidelines are put in place to bring some order, consistency and quality control to the uploading and sharing of loops. If any individual feels for whatever reason they can not work within those parameters then its best not to upload.

    For every person who things its best to upload a mixed loop there are plenty who then ask for the stems or individual sections sent to them.

    It baffles me why so many files get rejected when the guidelines are really quite simple.

    There is no grey area, a synth that has layers already built in to that patch is still a synth and not an issue. A bass line that includes drums, a piano that includes a flute, bells that include percussion is layered and will be rejected. The same goes for the recent obsession with throwing in a sub bass half way through the loop, this is now layered and will be rejected.

    If people used the description area to describe how they made the loop, the plugin, the preset, did you play it live or is that guitar a synth etc then it would make it easier to judge what was going on and it would help prevent the few cases that something gets rejected in error.

    Another reason for a file to be flagged is the user sampling copyright work and then processing it in a sampler. This is a breach of copyright and would be rejected. These files are often layered (due to the fact you cant separate the layers of a sample). With that in mind anything layered could potentially be in breach of copyright too.

    We restrict upload access until users have read and agreed to the upload guide to try and avoid wasting anyone's time but still files get uploaded with the same old problems. To prove that point we have a set of pre defined reasons for rejecting files and these get added as notes when a file is rejected.

    Fully read and understand the guide before uploading and nobody's uploads will be rejected and their time and mine would not be wasted.

  8. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Tue 15th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Time and time again this topic pops up and rears its ugly head. And every time it does Looperman handles it in stride like he always does to clarify what rules are here in the most articulate way possible leaving no doubt that this is the current standing policy on this site. So the, "if I don't get my way I am going to leave card is played", we should help those cry babies to the door quickly.

    For example, if you cannot follow the rules of driving a motor vehicle on the open road, then your license should be suspended until you do for the obvious reasons. That is how rules work whether we like the rules or not. For those of you whom have children at home, you must establish rules and chores or chaos will ensue. Chaos will also ensue on the loops here if the rules are not followed as written.

    When a loop is downloaded the owners of this site have a right to ensure that some quality guidelines are strictly enforced, or you should simply not upload your loops here as he said. There is nothing stopping this guy from starting his own site and distributing his own loops as he sees fit. Plus this guy has only commented on 1 loop twice and 3 songs in a span of 9 years? And he threatens to leave? Ha! Come on people, stop falling into this trap. Bye bye @tr0y

  9. 2815137
    JupiterWave : Wed 16th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Thanks @Looperman

  10. 2984289
    MelodicMoe : Wed 16th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    @JosephFunk I get what you're saying. @Looperman Likewise (If I want to put layers, I should upload them separately). Thanks

  11. 1626182
    BadRadio : Wed 16th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Nobody wants to come across a sample and think "Damnit this is exactly what I want, if only it wasn't for ____ playing over the top of it".

    If you feel it's absolutely necessary for a loop to use all the layers you made for it then all you have to do is upload the layers separately and then the downloader can mesh them back into the full loop. Otherwise you're just severely restricting the usefulness of your loop.

    Imagine you go to a restaurant just wanting a top quality steak but the restaurant had a sauce that the cheff thinks is amazing when poured on the steak. You love the steak, but you think the sauce is so bad that the mere act of making it should be considered a felony.
    There are two ways the restaurant could handle this: they could pour the sauce on anyway and say "if you don't like how we prepared it than maybe you don't deserve to eat it at all", or they can give you the sauce in a small pouring jug and let you decide whether or not you want to add it yourself and how much you want to add.

    When you're layering more instruments you're adding sauce that some people may not want.

  12. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    @BadRadio AMEN. You have no idea how many times I've come across amazing trap beats only to find the uploader included their 808s. Extremely frustrating because now it becomes useless.

  13. 2758601
    808ice : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Well my account just got suspended over this bullshit, I would understand if we would be allowed to group multiple LOOPS under a single upload, but when we do not have that ability, uploading multiple parts of loops makes it all the more unclear and an eyesoar

  14. 2758601
    808ice : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    With single upload I meant, basically having the ability to let's say upload up to 3 parts and then be able to group them together as one, so when an user clicks on it, he can see the other parts belonging to that particular loop.

    Other then that, I respect and understand why it's not against the rules. I just wish this site was more ordenend and didn't have a early 2000's lay-out.

  15. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    "uploading multiple parts of loops makes it all the more unclear and an eyesore" - it's really not any of those things, even if it is inconvenient. It's fairly straightforward - upload one loop without any extra stuff that clearly does not belong there, and if you have an entire session you want to upload, just mention the names the other loops that particular loop is associated with in the description box.

    It's that easy!

  16. 2758601
    808ice : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Opinions differ, I like to have a clear overview when I go to my loops instead of seeing a list of hundreds of loops that have nothing to do with each other.

    Categorizing loops and making it easier for people to see what is what, will potentially eliminate people layering loops. I love this community but from a design standpoint this website needs work if it wants to look professional, when the site looks more professional people will also be inclined to take the rules more seriously.

    It's just an idea, no one has to agree with me

  17. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    What's professional, all gleaming and full of snappy menus some millennial designed.....I really can't see why there's a problem or issue, Looperman succeeds because of it's eclectic community not on it's looks, as for taking the rules more seriously that's a generational issue associated with a certain demographic, giving the site a new coat of paint won't solve that.

  18. 2758601
    808ice : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Professional is making the website in such a way that it is less time consuming, not having an eye blinding colour palette, enabling users freedom in organizing their stuff.

  19. 1
    Looperman : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Time consuming also consists of repeatedly dealing with uploads that dont follow the guidelines and having to repeat the same answers.

    If everyone followed the simple guides that have been put in place there would be more time left to deal with adding new functionality and building improvements into the site

  20. 2758601
    808ice : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Fair enough I appologize for giving you guys a hard time

  21. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 17th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Good show @808ice! Because I think you realize that even real freedom has limits. If you pay taxes and fines to a government and you got debt and loans all over the place then you are truly not free. In a civilized society there are rules and on a website like this the same is basically true. But we all have the freedom to essentially go elsewhere as well. In an ad-supported site like this that cost you nothing, and it is a site you signed up for on your own freewill, guidelines must be followed and not complained about because we all agreed to the terms and conditions of this site on day one.

  22. 342363
    Unknown User : Fri 18th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    Looperman: "Its your choice to stay or go and i wish you well in whatever you choose."

    Looperman: "Disable Or Delete Your Account / You may either disable your account and keep your data or delete your account and loose everything. / This section is coming soon."

  23. 2390709
    TyGets : Fri 18th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    my only opinion on this is that some people do upload loops with multiple layered sounds. however when i do it. my loops gets deleted. why do some make it through and others don't?

  24. 2758601
    808ice : Fri 18th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago


    The only answer I can come up with is that the people that monitor the uploads do not have the time to listen to every loop individually

  25. 2390709
    TyGets : Fri 18th Jan 2019 : 7 months ago

    @808ice That could very well be possible.

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