Giving Away 10 Free Custom Beats This Month

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  1. 3000662
    boyslikeflowers : Fri 4th Jan 2019 : 5 months ago

    check out my soundcloud (boyslikehentai) for examples of my stuff,
    i want to start working with new rappers and collabing on more tracks, so i've decided to give away 10 free beats this month, each beat will be customised to suit the rapper and will be free for profit use.
    link an example of your music in the comments, i'm open to working with any genre/style
    first come first served but if this gets more than 10 responses i'll do more next month
    (or if i really like your music there's a chance i'll work with you anyway)

  2. 2985531
    ivywoods : Mon 7th Jan 2019 : 5 months ago

    I personally like anything with video game samples esp nintendo ones. Really like the song Surfbound by can find it on soundcloud. The beat is hella icy. You can find other artists i like on my profile page.

  3. 2699169
    holmkrieg : Mon 7th Jan 2019 : 5 months ago

    Really liked your tracks good vibes only & RIP henta haven. Would love if you could produce a beat for me. I rap but im not so good at producing beats yet, but still learning:

    Loves lofi types of beat

    Greetings from Sweden

  4. 2864554
    Kirstin : Wed 9th Jan 2019 : 5 months ago

    I can work with anything I am very versatile. I sing, rap and write lyrics and create samples in piano. I am just learning how to create beats, but I would love to work with someone that could create some hot beats for me. I have some amazing samples I created on piano if you interested. Check me out!

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