Looking For Producers And Collaborations For My Album

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  1. 2962477
    Mazikeen : Sat 22nd Dec 2018 : 11 months ago


    I am looking for any musicians/producers who would like to collaborate with me and be a part of establishing an EP.

    Genres include soul, R'n'B, acoustic ballads, ambient and maybe Jazz. I don't have any music published online apart from lyrical/songwriting stuff I have done for Eurovision Artists from Russia/Azerbaijan. I've only got a couple of personal demos that you can take a listen to.

    NOTE: I am new at producing and I do not consider myself to be a singer but it's a passion of mine! However, I do have experience in songwriting and I would like to get some support!

  2. 1856648
    BillionaireExclusive : Sat 22nd Dec 2018 : 11 months ago

    Hello there,

    I've recently produced some R&B tracks that you may find useful for your project. I'll link them below. Message me back here if you want to talk further, or get my email from my profile.




  3. 2962477
    Mazikeen : Sun 30th Dec 2018 : 11 months ago


    just got back, check your email :)

  4. 2944407
    BeatsByZane : Sun 30th Dec 2018 : 11 months ago

    Would any of my music work?


  5. 2989626
    amommusic : Mon 31st Dec 2018 : 11 months ago

    Check my beats here - https://www.youtube.com/amomofficial
    Mail me (you can find on YT) lemme know what u want

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