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  1. 1910898
    McLi : Wed 5th Dec 2018 : 2 months ago

    I'm starting to put together a commercial project that I produced with different rappers/singers on these beats. The Project will be finished sometime in 2019 and will go on spotify, apple music etc.... I'm looking for a talented rapper with good flows who can rap on this more aggressive beat. Autotune is preffered for the vibe I'm looking for. If you wanna hop on this beat you can leave your reference tracks below and I'll hit one of you up asap. Heres the beat and my YT channel where I usually work on:

  2. 2425142
    OktaNE : Wed 5th Dec 2018 : 2 months ago

    Shoot me a link ive rapped since 1994

  3. 2969366
    taviblair : Thu 6th Dec 2018 : 2 months ago

    I'd love to work with you and this. I just might release a new song Friday as your reference. Reply to me so we can converse.

  4. 1793952
    aromamob : Thu 6th Dec 2018 : 2 months ago

    I am up for a collab

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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