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  1. 847669
    EricMilligan : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 9 months ago

    For me there are two major frustrations in making my tracks. Not really sure that changes to Looperman would address them. But, perhaps.

    First is the difficultly in finding good vocalists. Looperman has lots of acapellas, but finding a vocalist to do a vocal for a melody line is a different challenge.

    Second is getting help with lyrics. I'm not able/willing to spend $ to hire a vocalist on Soundbetter or other similar sites. And, I'm not finding a lot of action at Songwriterlink.com either.

    There must be tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people out there who can sing, who aren't trying to go pro, but don't know how to connect with us. And, lots of aspiring poets who would be interested in trying their hand at writing lyrics. In multiple languages. (Some of my unfinished tracks definitely need lyrics in Italian. A couple sound to me like Spanish would be right.)

    If we can't make space for these collaborators here on Looperman, could we establish direct/reciprocal connections between Looperman and the sites/places where they reside (assuming there are such places)?

  2. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 9 months ago

    Hey Eric! Man it has been a while. Your post seemed quite interesting to me. I think you killed your argument when you said: I'm not able/willing to spend $ to hire a vocalist......

    So then that problem potentially now becomes Shan's problem, in theory. Which in theory, I do not think he would be willing to take that up. This site's main tagline says it is a resource. Like when you go to the library. Your local library is a resource. At the library you do all of the work for your project and not your librarian.

    Let us try to keep in mind that this is a free site and we did not pay any membership fees here. So there are limits on what free sites like this one can do and offer us.

    Many people said they wanted an upgraded messaging system that does not utilize our own email accounts. This idea sounds excellent in my opinion and would affect and serve everyone here which seems quite reasonable. What you request Eric is already available for a price on other sites like: https://vocalizr.com/vocalists . You said: I'm not able/willing to spend $ to hire a vocalist...... That is your personal choice and preference. But you must spend the $ if you want that kind service Eric because there really isn't a good free acapella option out here other than Looperman's acapellas.

  3. 847669
    EricMilligan : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 9 months ago

    Hi, Joe. I see your point. I do agree that it is my choice not to spend $ to hire a vocalist. And, I also agree that the acapellas here on Looperman are really a great resource.

    My suggestion (and I realize that it was a lot more out of the ballpark than the others that have been raised) was prompted by my belief that there really isn't anything equivalent to Looperman out there for vocalists who could add to a track that had been composed by a Looperman members or for lyricists who could work up decent lyrics to a melody line composed by members. And, these are two critical ingredients for a lot of song production in all sorts of genres that we can find here on Looperman.

    I agree that something like having a "follow favourites" feature, or an upgraded messaging system definitely would be great and much more achievable I think that attempting to expand the competencies offered by Looperman in the way I suggested. So I suspect you are absolutely correct that this is something that he might not be willing to take up. And I definitely did not want to make it Shan's problem. But, it was worth raising I think. When Shan created Looperman (long before I discovered it) he must have recognized that it would fill a need (i.e., provide a solution to a problem). And it definitely has succeeded wonderfully in doing that.

    And, I guess my alternative idea of simply providing a gateway feature on Looperman to sites that do offer free vocalists and lyricists is a non-starter if, as you say, there aren't any out there. I was hoping that there might be ones that I hadn't discovered. I suck at internet research for some reason. I think I have a natural talent for picking bad search terms! :)

  4. 631823
    Mahloo13 : Thu 25th Apr 2019 : 9 months ago

    You would be surprised by the fact that vocalist would actually create vocals for your track should you take the time to create something with what theyve already posted. They are looking cor producers just as people are looking for vocals.

    Plenty of collabs where born like that back in the day. Just pick a pella create a song ,post it in the pella's comments section and you might actually find someone to work with on new songs.

    I do feel that there is a bit to much freedom in the pella section though, but hey, they are free after all.

  5. 1002337
    Ian1337 : Sun 12th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong but the Loops and Samples sections appears to be purely Loops rather than single sample's, so I would maybe seperate that category and have samples for single sounds for a max of 20-30 secs for long sounds? like I could provide lots of weird sample sounds I've made but I haven't uploaded them because technically they aren't a loop or for a set bpm. Or possibly you could allow the verified members to provide sample packs after they've been checked by admins.

  6. 3165320
    crazyFella13 : Mon 13th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    a like button for loops and tracks

  7. 229424
    YourzTruLee : Tue 14th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    Hey loopergang, I've for sure noticed the changes made on this site since beginning my membership 10+ years ago and must they they have all been great and with user experience in mind! That being said, heres a couple wild ideas I think you elevate the platform further!!

    1) LooperMan App!! We all live very busy lives, and often find my mobile to be my go to entertainment device while on the go. It would be great to be able to dload a simple Looperman app that streams user songs. If you could create playlists of the songs you like as well, i can say for myself i would be listening to Loopertunes all day! I know this would be a big step, but I think it could potentially attract more users, as well a purely listeners! Thoughts?

    2) Following Members!! I think it would be an amazing feature to have. I know I've found a handful of extremely talented artists/producers on this platform, and am constantly searching their names to see if they have new works uploaded. If you could "follow" the members of you're choosing, and receive notifications when new songs/material is uploaded, I would bee all over it like honey!!

    3) Inboxes!! This is one of the best platforms I've used for collaborators. It would be great to be able to message members directly and privately. I feel like this would make networking much easier, and could do alot more internally, without reaching out over other platforms like soundcloud or email.

    All in all the looperteam is doing a great job as always! Thanks for taking the time to listen to user suggestions, and striving to bring a better service to the community!! Nothing but love!!


  8. 2887391
    IOL : Thu 16th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    one thing I would like is this: when you're searching for a loop, and you go into the key section (you know, where you can find things in am, f#, etc.), I think there should be an option to search for major or minor loops. like if you clicked on minor, then only loops in various minor keys would pop up, etc. You know what I mean?

  9. 2800393
    black808 : Sat 18th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    Add a trending loops page

  10. 602494
    Nightfallproducer : Mon 20th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    follow media player so i can keep listening to tracks whilst navigating comments ect...

    sometimes i have to search the person up again to find there acapella so i can comment that ive made a mix, i need something in place so i can tag that person instead, so i can find that acapella faster or i can contact the person to let them know ive done a mix.

    ive been at 50 tracks for a while now, i would like to archive some of them, I also wouldnt mind a sub service to allow me upload more, i have 156 tracks i would to share, some finished some just intrumentals awaiting vox ect.. i also want to collab, so a shared page would be nice.

    other than them i love this site......... x x x

  11. 1002337
    Ian1337 : Wed 22nd May 2019 : 8 months ago

    Second thing I would change (I already commented) would be - being able to delete comments on loops that you've posted, especially as a loop I just posted got spammed with 2 soundcloud links that have no relevance :P

  12. 1898722
    frostyfade : Fri 24th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    Add the option to select several ranges of BPM when searching for loops (e.g. 70-75; 140-150) This would be so useful because a 70 bpm loop would fit into a 140 bpm track, but right now there’s the inconvenience of having to do multiple searches when it would be much easier to just have all the results you want on one list. Perhaps the same could be done with the other categories and not just BPM, in case someone wanted to see loops from multiple genres or from a specific set of instruments.

  13. 1223407
    doug0102 : Sat 25th May 2019 : 8 months ago

    It would be nice to have a trending section for loops... targeting comments, downloads, and plays. Weighted higher the newer the upload/the more comments or downloads it has for a given time period. It would also be nice if producers were given trivial rewards like profile badges/flair, sort of like a trusted uploader. It would incentify better uploads, and allow users to immediately identify loops that are more likely to be higher quality/what they're looking for. Being able to tag a loop under multiple categories/styles would be useful too. Allowing users to up/down vote on tags lets the userbase moderate content itself, and helps organize things with much less moderation.

  14. 480306
    windycity : Fri 7th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    3 things rolled into 1: Start your own Independent Label and recruit talent from your own talent pool (this site) and Market it. Peace

  15. 1107661
    liftarn : Sun 9th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    1. A like button for the forum.
    2. Some way to filter out rappers (especially from colabs). It can be done with a genre tag for the thread, a sub forum or forcing them to state it in the header and/or use the existing threads instead of creating a new one each time.
    3. The above would require better moderation of the forum.

  16. 1882999
    MastaChooma : Fri 14th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    Here's a great thread. And Here is what I'm hoping to see on this site some day.

    1. Social Media Integration. I want have links to my ig, my facebook, soundcloud, and youtube. And have an easy follow/subscribe button there. That way I can find other people's music and artist pages easier.

    2. Monthly Looperman Events. Something where the whole community gets together to compete, collaborate, or something else. I imagine something where everyone who wants to participate would upload a song. And then Looperman users vote on those songs and the most favored 12 or so gets put on a compilation album. That album could be uploaded to Distrokid, and that would promote the winners' music and also expand our community too. Donate half the funds raised to charity and put the other half back into the website and its users.
    And it doesn't have to be the same thing every month. And it doesn't have to be every month either, that might be too frequent anyway.

    3. I want some Looperman merch! This is a great website and I'm happy to be apart of it. I want to be able to support it as much as I can. So it'd be dope to be able to show love by buying some hats, posters, sweaters, socks, neckties, cd's and albums and whatever else. I mostly want a fresh new crewneck -> put "LOOPERMAN" on both the sleeves and then have that lil dude on the back. And have him smoking a blunt with Snoop Dogg. haha

    Those are my three wishes. And I think it would be great for the website overall

  17. 3103352
    Rockseller : Fri 14th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    add oneshots ?

  18. 1186967
    abelouis : Fri 14th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    for those who download my loops, I would like to see the country of origin without going to their profile page.
    by moving the mouse cursor over the profile name, for example, a tooltip appears with the name of the country of origin/region

  19. 2832852
    dotmp0 : Sun 16th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    Ability to edit posts (not necessarily comments). If I post a forum thread and maybe want to add to the description, then there should be an "edit" option where I can alter or add to my post. It should also say that it has been edited.

  20. 2615019
    damonb : Mon 17th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    an option to delite your comment and or edit for when it dosnt come out right

  21. 2307597
    ZetaProductions : Mon 24th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    OK so these will be more than 3 I guess, but I think they are all important:

    - I don't want to refresh the page everytime I login. Logging in should be handled by a thread and the same applies to adding a comment.
    Plus, comments should be able to get handled without opening a new page. Therefore, when I want to open the comment section for a loop, a popup should appear showing all the comments and letting you reply to them.

    - Looperman graphics look old and boring. Therefore I'd like to have something cleaner, along the line of today's websites. It would be very cool if the website had a notification popup near the "my profile" and "log out" button. The notification button should group the latest comments on your loops, making the community interaction much easier to achieve. Also, add profile pic near the buttons (which will also make more people upload one).

    - File names when downloading loops are quite annoying. ID numbers make a mess and it would be much better if the name was so contructed:
    "looperman" + Content Creator + Original Name + XXX + "BPM" + Key
    This would make finding the loop, the creator, giving credit and manipulating sound much quicker and effective.

    - Loops volume should be global instead of single loop. Also, loops should be normalized in the preview, both graphically and soundwise. The downloaded file would remain the original one.
    Finally, it would be very cool to have a looperman VST which you can directly drag loops into your DAW and a looperman app.

    - I should be able to tag other users both in loop descriptions (i.e. when collabing), forums, comments and possibly profiles (though i don't know what that would be useful for). Lastly, there should also be a reply button macro which automatically stamps the username tag and lets him receive a notification.

    I am sorry this was a bit long. Let me know if you'd like to receive a concept art for a new looperman design or if i can be helpfun in any way

  22. 1392771
    RuslanG : Thu 27th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    Hi! I propose to merge sections Acapellas with Loops&Samples, I suppose it will be more convenient and practically.

  23. 264208
    LAmuzic : Fri 28th Jun 2019 : 7 months ago

    I would like to see who plays my stuff, who listens and when u go to someone's profile to chk out loops click on, say, 90bpm and all that persons 90bpm loops come up.

  24. 1985583
    shrpnss : Sat 29th Jun 2019 : 6 months ago

    lately the website has been really slow... and I mean really slow in waiting half a minute before the page opens. even though every other website opens in half a second. I love looperman anyway! try to fix please?

  25. 2276282
    neuromancer56 : Sun 30th Jun 2019 : 6 months ago

    Automatically assign order numbers with a larger gap between them. When I want to change the order of my tracks, the problem is that they invariably get too bunched together. If I click on the auto-assign order numbers, it could take the tracks in their current number order, and automatically number them 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, ...490. That way I don't have to change so many of them to easily change their order.

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