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  1. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Thu 18th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    OK boys and girls, its that time again. Yes time for the annual Halloween thread. Every year about this time we try to provide the world with some appropriate audio for that special night of the year when the monsters come out. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins and all manor of evil things are allowed to roam the Earth and do what they do best! And Looperman has been lucky enough to strike up a deal with these guys for a free pass in exchange for some cool tunes. So, if your smart you will take advantage of this rare opportunity to avoid the badness by uploading some music.

    I think last year Crucethus kicked this thing off and we had a record number of participants who really posted some great stuff. If you have done this before then you know the drill. For any and all noobs its simple, put something together that sounds creepy or funny or weird or...you get the idea. You can create something new as well as repost older Halloween tracks if you have them. We just want a nice centralized list. Give it your best shot because a lot of people around the world is hip to this now and theres a real good chance that your loop or track might just end up on some major playlists at some of the best parties and clubs from Transylvania to Toledo over the next few weeks.

    I will get the ball rolling with one I just finished as well as a couple from a few Halloweens past. Thanks is advance to all who participate and have Happy Halloween.


    Cry of the Wolfman

    Bone Shaker

    Groove Like a Zombie

  2. 1398112
    FatalDecline : Thu 18th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    This is my Favorite post every year! You rock for kicking it off NEO. Here is a song about Leatherface i posted last week! I will have another to share soon. Keep it spooky fellow loopers \m/


  3. 828980
    phatkatz4 : Thu 18th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    He'll yeah! My favorite yearly thread 3:)> I'll try and brew up something new this year since I wasn't able to participate last year. Electricity helps in the recording process ;) Gathers some bat wings, toad legs and skunk piss.

  4. 841435
    ValveDriver : Thu 18th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    Shit yeah, Neo! Kudos to you for, ahem....bringing this one back from the dead. (See what I did there?)

    This is an older track. I haven't posted it in the Halloween thread before, but since it's a nod to Hellraiser, part 2 specifically, I'm a toss it in the ring this year. Hopefully, I'll get time this year to make a new one specifically for this thread!

    Labrynth Of The Absurd


  5. 1186556
    tsochai : Fri 19th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    Gotta say, i'm sure yall can tell, but I'm not biggest on the forums here, but I've seen this forum thread before throughout my years on site, thanks for your commitment people. Means a lot to see people still here treating the site this way.
    Been so long since I've been reassured that this site is still as hot as it was a couple years back...

    I've always loved releasing my songs on here..
    anyways, i don't have much to contribute other than thanking you guys for doing this and other things that you all do.
    Thanks for your time and enjoy the spooky season

  6. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Sat 20th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    Alright were off to a great start ! Fatal, I really dig your Heavy Metal collab with Ripzore. This unholy union has really brought forth something straight from the depths and will no doubt provide the perfect soundtrack for all the head banging Hellspawn on their Trick or Treat trek Halloween night.

    Aaron, thanks for allowing us to re-visit the Labrynth of the Absurd. It's a super heavy mix of Dubstep and Metal that resonates such dark vibes, I don't dare listen with the lights off. Definitely a killer track that pays homage to one of the coolest and most disturbing Horror flicks ever put to celluloid. For those of you who have not yet experienced his music, let me tell you, the ValveDriver never disappoints.

    Tsochai, thanks for the nice words and we are very happy to have you here for sure. However since this is the Halloween thread we would love to see what darkness resides on the flipside of that sweet persona of yours. Don't deny it now, we know its there. Whip something up for us...if you dare!!!!!

  7. 851137
    crucethus : Sat 20th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    Diary entry October 20th: Day 3 since the cannabis were made legal.... The nation has become zombiefied. Fried toasty snack searching polite, yet artistically slow Canucks. Ordering at a Tims has become a nightmare, and poutine sales have quadrupled. Hockey goals are on a pace not seen since the dark nineties. New entry rules for people coming from the states. They must bring a bag of cheetos. We are running dreadfully short on snacks. Luckily Crucethus lives among these hedonistic people and has created another Halloween masterpiece you can Dance too, for all the ladies who dare to make Halloween sexy and dark and fun. This one is for you.
    of course If you want to stand in a corner cutting yourself and be a little anti-social bitch this year, I have some past favourites as well.
    All Hallows Funk
    My god I just watched 2 zombies fight it out over a bag of Rold gold pretzels. The end is Near!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Sat 20th Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    :) hi !! also my favorite thraed of the year as it was roughly this time 3 years ago i had started to actually complete songs try to find somewhere to post them when i came across this site,
    so it was then i decided it would be an annual tradition for myself to celebrate this milestone with an appropriate project :)
    i have something in the works and will finish soon aswell as look foward to enjoying all your posts related, as i copy/paste the links posted above to my .txt file so they arent lost by by random inconsistant labeling system on my 2Tb drive of hell i salute you and continue on...

  9. 463406
    nilsson : Sun 21st Oct 2018 : 9 months ago


    She dwells deep in the forest in a hut, standing on chicken legs. Hope this kind of genre is ok, never posted here before!


  10. 585633
    topvega : Sun 21st Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    Made one over the course of 2 days. Original music with movie clips for vocals.


  11. 275272
    HustleUnion : Mon 22nd Oct 2018 : 9 months ago


    i've waited all year for this ^^
    thanks for getting the party started early

    H̼͔̪̝͘a̞p͓̻̱̥̹ͅp̙̯͔͟y̢ ͖̝̳̜̜́ͅḨ̪̼̭̮̯̦̘a̷̪̹͙̱͖l͎̗̖͙̼̠͕͢l͇̤̻̼̮̝͈o̺̤͚̳̹̬͘w̢̝̪̘ͅe̷͖̞͕̥̱e̱̻n͍̟̲̲̗̰͚ ̳̞̠͡

  12. 1231236
    joecramer : Tue 23rd Oct 2018 : 9 months ago

    Nice to see the tradition goes on.
    I think it's time to do some new stuff for the this year.
    But it isn't ready yet so i post one of the great tracks i made with Phatkatz4 2 years ago. It wasn't made as a Halloween song but has all it needs - Pale moon, swamplands, dead people, sad guitars, cool groove and strange vocals ……


  13. 691199
    Modnex : Fri 26th Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    I guess I'll add mine here. These tracks were made two years ago but are based in the horror genre.

    Dark Limbo https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/180606

    Daddy Dead https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/185296

  14. 1564771
    gaarry : Sat 27th Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    What a great thread! To celebrate Halloween this year, a good friend of mine and I are putting together our first techno EP inspired by the traditionally spooky sounds of Halloween. It is titled Morbid Obsession.

    Here is the intro track, that isn't techno at all but will transition into the rest of the EP

    Fearful Apprehnsion: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/198800

    For anyone interested, the full EP will be released here on the 31st: https://soundcloud.com/crimchurch

    The first frightening single "Acid Debt" has already been released! Please enjoy and Happy Halloween!!

  15. 2276282
    neuromancer56 : Sat 27th Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    I've got a couple creepy tracks for Halloween:
    Down I Go
    Puttering Around in your Brain

  16. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Tue 30th Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    Well we haven't seen a huge amount of participation here so far but the quality of the tracks this year is superb. I have listened to every one and have to say you guys have really posted some choice stuff. There's a nice assortment too ranging from ambient to cinematic to up tempo dance tunes Something for everybody. I think the ambient and cinematic tracks are probably some of the best we've had on here. There's still plenty of time left for anybody still wanting to throw something into the mix.

  17. 1
    Looperman : Tue 30th Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    i gave the thread a nudge on fb

  18. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Wed 31st Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    made a few tracks and forgot upload them :( damn remembered this morning but forgot the forum thread just kept making loops and stuff damn..... but better late than never i guess. :( hope enjoy, i played it off my launchpads after all that goes on beforehand lol..........


  19. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Wed 31st Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    Thanks Shan !
    @eggsOntoast-Happy Anniversary! Love the track bro!
    Local Dallas area Spirit of Halloween stores are playing our tracks !
    Thanks to everyone who participated this year!
    Have a happy and safe Halloween folks!

  20. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Wed 31st Oct 2018 : 8 months ago

    sweet thanks mate :) , thats mad they playing in the store, we didnt get not 1 trick or treater :( not hugest event here was when younger and closer to city excuse to roam te streets lol, still is with cool stuff like this thread and everyone involved the tracks i heard were all sick and i had fun anyway ......... salute to you all....

  21. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Thu 1st Nov 2018 : 8 months ago

    sweet!! its been 24 hours and still halloween somewhere and i could get a nother track upload :) lol everythings coming up milhouse ... lmao.


  22. 2486061
    AkaOnTheBeat : Sun 11th Nov 2018 : 8 months ago

    If ever want to hmu

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