How To Sell Music And Prevent Theft

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    WithoutMyArmor : Wed 5th Sep 2018 : 1 year ago

    Hey Loopers,

    So recently I've been thinking that I may achieve more success by distributing my content to interested parties in such a way that does not require them to personally ask/contact me for consent/permission to use commercially. It has become quite taxing for me to keep up with and I am sure causes frustration (and even loss of creativity/tracks/etc. that could have been) with potential clients/producers. Additionally, I find that working out specific royalty splits and payment structures are too varied (since they are handled on an individual basis) and often I feel that I could potentially be taken advantage of legally whenever I'm having to sign virtual contracts with people I do not know.

    That being said: I had an idea that I could create my own website that showcases my work that would be available for purchase by anyone wishing to use it royalty free; that is, that once they purchased the vocal track (for let's say $1) that they no longer have to pay me additionally for whatever track they use it in in the future. I also would not have to be badgered into signing agreements or giving consent every day. (This is just an idea for now and I'm open to a different solution by experienced musicians/producers/etc).

    Now, my question is this: Is this a terrible idea? Am I shorting myself or cheating others with this concept? And if I were able to do it in this fashion, what would it demand of me (legally and otherwise) to achieve it. And also, how would I prevent others from abusing this method (i.e. buying and re-releasing the vocals for free or re-selling just the vocals to others) and not take advantage of it?

    I basically want to be paid per download and not worry about setting up complicated individual deals (unless they were largely taxing/customized/collabs/etc) like I have been so that they get the freedom they seek at a very low upfront cost. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

    PS I would also continue releasing free vocals and acapellas here as I've always done. These would be separate and for more specified genres/purposes.

  2. 688110
    novaspace : Wed 5th Sep 2018 : 1 year ago

    "Now, my question is this: Is this a terrible idea? Am I shorting myself or cheating others with this concept?"

    Hi i dont think it is a terrible idea at all but selling your vocals on a non exclusive base for just 1 USD is to less.

    Bare in mind the demand for vocalists is at the moment very high. there are a lot of producers out there. As vocalist you should take advantage of that. Think in a commercial way. a friend of mine is selling her vocals as well and what i know she is doing a pretty good job has loads of customers
    as you see she is asking for full acapella's around 15 usd. for just some phrases around 1 usd. ofcourse all is on non exclusive base.

    Why would you be cheating others? just make a statement/disclaimer on your website so users can read what they can do with yoru vocals and do not.

    preventing people reselling your 'raw' vocals. first of all register all your vocals with a rights organisation in your country. like BMI.
    an extra option and can also be a lucrative option is register your vocals with a company who can monetize your vocals on the internet. like youtube or soundcloud. when a buyer is releasing his track with your vocals on the internet you can earn revenue of it.

    i hope you can do something with this info
    good luck!

  3. 1540447
    natjamesworld : Wed 5th Sep 2018 : 1 year ago

    A shortcut to having a website selling your loops/acapellas etc would be to write your own contract that all Loopers have to enter into upon downloading your work. You can make it short enough to copy/paste into your descriptions, or have a larger contract and paste a link to it in full on say Google Drive.
    'Upon downloading this loop/acapella you agree to these terms...'

    Obviously you will not be able to force monetisation, but if anyone has any queries you can just point them to the contract instead of explaining yourself every time.
    Good luck mayn

  4. 606872
    WithoutMyArmor : Wed 5th Sep 2018 : 1 year ago

    Thanks guys! I'm going to look into those options you provided/suggested and update on what I end up doing/thinking.

  5. 688110
    novaspace : Wed 5th Sep 2018 : 1 year ago

    Your welcome! if you find new and better info bout protecting your music please share with us so we can also protect our music better.

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