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  1. 549160
    BabyGee : Fri 31st Aug 2018 : 2 years ago

    Ok, so without meaning to sound like a horrible person, I'm pretty mad. I've been finding my a capellas all over the internet FOR SALE. I haven't been asked for any of it. I let one instance go because I was satisfied with the mix and pretty naive back in the day but now, not so much. I'm constantly told that I should be making money from my voice but I am okay without doing that. I am just fine doing what I do, providing vocals for my fellow producers/loopers and driving traffic to my sites for more exposure. I was ok with this. What I am not ok with is when I ask that you don't use my things for commercial release, you agree and then go behind my back and do it anyway. I could take everyone that has done this to court. My uncle is a lawyer but I don't want to. I feel horrible doing that but this isn't fair. I work very hard on my songs and for someone to just steal it, make money off of it and try to justify their actions by stamping "ft" on it, is a terrible thing to do. Download it, mix it, share it, play it for friends, play it in clubs, jam it in your car, I don't mind. In fact, I love it! But don't sell it. It's NOT YOURS. I haven't sold anything I've used from anyone and I won't ever. Please have the same respect for others.

    With that being said, I am disabling all downloads and future downloads. If you would like to use one of my a capellas, please contact me via any of the contact options listed on my profile and we will discuss it. v.v

  2. 2689091
    Joeyjoejoejoe : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    You could take everyone to court? lol

    Good luck with that

  3. 549160
    BabyGee : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    That's what you have to say?
    You wasted your time to make a joke
    of someone's hard work.
    Thanks buddy.

  4. 775891
    Axion : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    @BabyGee: Joeyjoejoejoe is right though. Most big-name artists have a legal team that spends countless hours tracking down and taking those that infringe the song's rights to court.

    There is not much more you can do besides take things to court, as requesting that they stop selling your Acapellas will most likely change nothing. It is stated in the Looperman Terms and Conditions that "it's [their] own responsibility to ensure that anything downloaded from is legally available for use", but there is not much looperman can do to prevent this. You need to take action yourself.

  5. 630386
    Unknown User : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    Baby Gee, it is a very delicate balance between giving generously to help others who play by the rules while protecting your intellectual property from people with selfish and very greedy intentions. Should you punish the many for the dastardly deeds of the few? Only you can answer that when it comes to your material. No one can ever accuse you of not ever giving your hard work to total strangers so that they can make royalty free, non-commercial songs. But lets face it, people are still going to cheat when no one is looking. And there are probably many more songs out there with your vocals on it where you are not being credited properly and someone is getting paid $0.99 cents a download. They probably got you all Auto-Tuned up like T-Pain, and thats the sad reality of it all. You have some very tough decisions to make, but you may want to consider establishing your own website to proper license your material with your own clear terms and conditions. You should still leave a few pellas here because it may help drive some business your way to a new site if you so choose to do so. Hey, even commercial artists have to deal with thieves everyday and this situation will not get better on its own. To make matters worse, many of these people use aliases to avoid legal problems, so the best you can do legally is to petition for takedowns on the sites where you vocals are featured on unauthorized songs for sale. It nearly impossible to sue an anonymous person like DJ MuzicThief, but you can take down his songs that feature your vocals. But I must say in conclusion, terrible people dont typically give, so thank you for giving your material and making people aware of this situation.


  6. 688110
    novaspace : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    Hi BabyGee. I have been in the same position as you. Luckely we have a good management who goes once a while through the internet by using the ´ban hammer´ and sometimes i am doing it myself as well. Problem here is that many looperman users think that the whole website is ´Royalty free´ wich is clearly not. People don´t read the terms of use of the acapella section. Even we have posted a Clear Disclaimer in every acapella description there are still scumbacks who are ignoring it. Although we have encountered a lot of those people here I Refuse to leave this website as there are still a lot of good fans here. Instead of that we have done a lot of security measures to protect our copyright. First of all what you have to do is register all your acapella work with a rights organisation such as BMI. also important is that you upload your acapella work to a distributor and make sure that the distributor is participating in monotize programs like the youtube and soundcloud content id system. So everytime when someone is uploading a track with your vocals the system recognize your vocals and will be tagged under your legal name. On top of that every revenue they made from ads on platforms like youtube or soundcloud g oes to you.

    In the beginning we warned people first when we encountered illigal commercial releases or mixes with wrong name tags but nowadays we use the ´banhammer´ right away. I am just to tired being polite all the time

  7. 669751
    djoctx : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    I've had passed by the same problem as you.
    I always put in the description that my vocals is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE and in case producer wants to use it commercially we need to negotiate a value by email.

    But it already happened to me. The producers think that can go ahead releasing EVERYTHING WITHOUT PAY FOR THE VOCAL.

    When it happens with me I be in touch with the label, distribution stores or Spotify, Dezzer and other sites. I always can prove that the vocal is mine, so I explain everything and the sites "take down" the track.

    A lot of them do not understand what "non-commercial use" means. It bother me a lot. But I already worked and get paid by truly producers with good intentions. So for me It's fine.


    I hope you solve the problem ;)

  8. 2255594
    slava72 : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    Hi BabyGee,it is a shame what assholes did to you,to your voice,i have used your acapella for "home made" track,you have very good voice,one of the best on "looperman". I dont think hardcore looperman members did it,here again, we are talking about f@cking "rapper looking for crapper" wannabeis,selfish,arogant buggers with ampty accounts and links to "spamcloud",fuck,what is going on in here???!!! "they " fucking just ruin and destroy evrything

  9. 688110
    novaspace : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    @slava72 exactly

    haahaha "rapper looking for crapper" but you ar right. atleast 80 percent of the tracks we took down where hiphop related. full of looperman loops and vocals from us or combined with vocals from other looperman members. Seems a lot of those Rapper crapper dudes have a problem producing their own sound. as you might have noticed currently the forums are spammed with this rapper crapper shit.

  10. 1115991
    Unknown User : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    There's less you can do now besides court and further anger management, but for the future I also would recommend a backup hard drive with every little bit of produced goods you created. However, good luck in getting this saddening situation sorted quickly.

  11. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    It is an unfortunate situation! It seems that the majority of people, both on the internet and in face to face interaction, are mostly looking for whatever they can take or be given. It is frustrating to say the least.

    I do try to keep in mind that money does not even come to mind for compensation, since they likely have no money. Which is also one of the unfortunate realities of civil litigation.

    Lawyers can cost a fortune as well. Probably a requirement for acceptance of a civil case would be the ability to prove lost past or prospective income, due to the stolen property. It might turn into doing something for the sake of it, spite, punishment of the perp, or whatever. Totally understandable!

    I like JosephFunk's recommendation to begin relocating new material to your own website. We've been maintaining our label site for around fifteen years.

  12. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    I sympathise wholeheartedly but lets cut to the chase, can you name any of these miscreants, are they members here? because if they are the only thing that will make the slightest difference is affirmative action in the shape of banning them, but unfortunately that's unlikely to happen as the rules here are very rarely enforced, I'm thinking maybe you should keep vocals your really proud of to yourself, one thing does resonate through this thread and many others though.....producers are the bane of courteous behaviour, not all of them but the vast majority are just kids without a clue.

  13. 1041668
    wikkid : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago


    I'm going to give you a number of things to think about. First, once you take your songs down, you negate the digital trail of when they were first put up, BY YOU.

    So now, if you decide to seek legal action, unless this site stores data for a time before deleting it from the main server, you cannot ask for your material to be re-uploaded. In addition, if Shan would be so kind as to to that, the date may reflect a more recent time. So, if you are dealing with a savvy song stealer, they can simply provide their own upload date on a site as the original.

    Second, all your work should have a copyright on it. Why? Because if, in the course of your vocals making the rounds and a third party takes/makes a hit, you have a legal leg to stand on in court. You can copyright a whole group of "songs" for about $55 in the US. Do a digital download online with the US copyright office. And the US has agreements with many other countries in case your vocals are a hit worldwide. Know and protect your rights. Your thread is now one of many on Looperman (and frankly, other sites) where a creation is beng lifted without due credit or compensation. The truth is, some people just don't care. It's not that they don't know, but some don't care to know about rules or etiquette. I feel for you, I really do, because this has happened to me, and not just in music. Some people snatch artwork, full manuscripts as well as music in order to feed their own need for “likes” or internet glory.

    But its what you do next that will define whether this business is for you. Turn this around so that people recognize your vocals. Take Joe’s advice about getting your own website (I think you stated you already have one) where you can view the IP addresses of those who visit, and when you put up vocals anywhere, even on Looperman, plan it out. Don’t just put up early thoughts of melodies, as they may be the stuff of someone else’s next "hit." In short, protect yourself. Give a taste, and not the whole song. Put some tags over the song to make it harder for those who wanna chop your vocals up. Put a copyright on your material BEFORE uploading to the internet.

    Since you can't stop them, you can at least get royalties should you want to take legal action. But courts want you to prove its yours. That's wny the copyright system was invented.

    Copyright link:

    I truly wish you all the best.

  14. 1041668
    wikkid : Sat 1st Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    One more thing.

    Disabling downloads won't stop someone with the proper equipment and know-how. While the mix won't be idea, it won't matter to those who traffic in this sort of thing. Pumping out music is their goal, in a quest to be thought of as a producer.

  15. 2371546
    Sunbeats : Sun 2nd Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, any audio that plays on a website can be downloaded. Some people are very dishonest and come here only to steal.

  16. 1223101
    topclass : Sun 2nd Sep 2018 : 2 years ago


  17. 1547231
    Lek : Wed 5th Sep 2018 : 2 years ago

    Regarding the point made that when a download is deleted, it removes the trail of it's existence - that may be true or it may not. Usually, when something on a website is deleted, it isn't actually deleted - it is just marked as deleted and so is really only hidden - Looperman can give you the answer to that as to what happens on this particular site.

    Also, disabling downloads on Looperman isn't the answer - it is extremely (too) easy to bypass on here. You only need a bit of HTML knowledge to do it. This is why I usually upload only sections of my tracks on here. I mean I know they can be got at from SoundCloud as well - but usually only as really low quality mp3 to the casual thief!

    If I'm being honest, I'm surprised anyone uploads full acapellas on here unless you are only looking for exposure - though I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. Vocalists call the shots these days. So called producers are ten a penny now, now that hip hop, trap etc. has dumbed music production down so that anyone can "produce" a track. So it's vocalists who are in demand and not producers. Not too long ago I remember it being the other way around.

    Having said that, I do hope that users do continue to upload acapellas as they have been a major source of inspiration for me and many others on here over the years.

    And by the way, @BabyGee, I remember our discussion awhile back and being the honest and decent fellow I am, I didn't attempt to release that track :)

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