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  1. 2516352
    aidangrimm : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    @axion yeah i've noticed that suggestions aren't acted on as well. Idk if it's due to a lack of coders for the site or what exactly holds them back, but it's a shame to be honest.

  2. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    Wow this site is horrible on mobile!! Unfortunately it seems most suggestions fall on deaf ears and improvements promised some time ago have never come to be. One is a collaboration section to clean up the rapper wanted ads and such. One man runs looperman, just imagine how great it could be if he had a little help.

  3. 775891
    Axion : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    @aidangrimm It's definitely from a lack of programmers. Like @phatkatz4 said, it's all programmed and maintained by one individual. I'd assume if they actually wanted help then they would have reached out by now.

  4. 1540447
    natjamesworld : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    @aidangrimm / @Axion

    I've spoken to the Looperman team about this and they promised an update with that specific addition about a follow button 'this year' - a message they sent in February. After seeing this thread I have sent another one following up today.

    Does anyone else contact Looperman direct?? We have a great community here and I think it would be a shame to not see it keep growing

  5. 2238925
    WeDoDem : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    I'm on Looperman since already one year, and I feel like there has never been so many "good" loops. I mean, most of them are okay-ish, but some are real treasures (hyugj loops or UriBeats loops, for instance). More of that, remember that all loops here are Royalty-Free, which is not the case of, for instance, Splice. Nevertheless, I feel like Splice's loops are really low in terms of quality and originality in comparison to some you can find on Looperman or Dripchords.

    If there's really one thing one can blame Looperman with is to allow spammers (people who're posting like 5 mediocre loops per day) and maybe the lack of functionnalities suchas a following or "star" system.

  6. 2516352
    aidangrimm : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    @WeDoDem Yeah splice has been pretty trash the few times I've used it.

    Also a possible solution to the spammers is like a seniority system that basically allows you to post more the more downloads your loops get or something like that.

  7. 2516352
    aidangrimm : Thu 30th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    in a somewhat positive side note: this is the first time in a long ass time that I've seen a forum thread stay in the top recent threads for this long without being drowned in the "looking for a rapper" threads

  8. 1223101
    topclass : Fri 31st Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    @BaoBou I'm with you on what you say

    @aidangrimm I think tbh this site needs a nice upgrade even if it had things like paid features etc and definitely a good idea about a tipping certain loopy :D artists on here too

  9. 2773794
    Dbeau23 : Fri 31st Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    I vote that looperman is great! Naysayers ought to check out www.us-navy.com/sign-up

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