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  1. 2576548
    rida4 : Sun 26th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago


    Dear Looperman users
    I whould like to share my ideas on how to make looperman a better place.

    If beat makers whould stop calling themselves "producers" that whould be great.

    Start adding Key to your loops, It really makes me wonder how so many users who make their own loops DON'T KNOW KEY TO THEIR OWN LOOP.

    When you listen to a loop, take those 30 seconds to leave HONEST feedback to uploaders, tell them if the loop is good/bad, tell them how could they make it better etc.

    Leave your opinions and ideas below
    Together we can build a beautiful site!!

  2. 1902994
    Ajerutis : Sun 26th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    I agree with what you said rida4. I think it is also frustrating when I see in the forums: "New Producer" or "Producer Looking For Rapper" when they've only been making beats for 2 months. On top of that they don't even know how to mix and master and only have music on soundcloud thus no music posted on looperman which gets annoying. It really makes me question how serious of a "Music Producer" they are.

  3. 2276282
    neuromancer56 : Sun 26th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    I put a suggestion in to Shan on a thread to allow the community to vote on a key for other people's loops. He liked it, but hasn't gotten around to it yet. But yes it would be nice if folks did it themselves.

  4. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 26th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    How about making it a requirement for any non drum/percussion loops? A field which must be filled in.

  5. 2703681
    BIPOLARXIETY : Sun 26th Aug 2018 : 3 years ago

    that "whould" seem like a good idea

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