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  1. 1982717
    N3KA : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    Hello ,

    I've been on this site for a few years now. First with a different account, then this one.

    I like this site a lot, but I think the site is getting outdated. I think the site should get a big face-lift, and make it in the style of Soundcloud. I'm sure this will attract a lot more people to this site.

    I've got a few ideas. For example, that you can subscribe to certain users. This makes it easier to find loops by your favorite producers and artists. Also, that you can upload any loop you want. Mixed or just one part of a loop or whatever.

    There will be some people that won't agree with this, but I think this is better for the future of this site.


  2. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    Ha ha, I think there are a lot of users on here who would absolutely love to see this site be more like SoundCloud! ;o)

    Having said that, you are right that the site does look pretty dated and the fact it is not responsive (for example it is awful on mobile) is pretty bad.

    However, the most pressing issue at the moment is the swamping of rapper/free producer tags/free mixing and mastering type requests which is killing any decent forum posts as they just get lost in amongst that crap.

    Sort that out first and then yeah, a redesign would be most welcome.

  3. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    ive been here since 2011. i am quit agree. especially the last few years the community seems to be swamped with rotten wanna be hiphop kid 'super' producers. requests for free rappers, mastering., hiphop tags and all that stuff. The forums are getting overwhelmed with these useless posts

  4. 1293607
    Venuslove : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    Tried it so needs color and cool stuff

  5. 2615019
    Unknown User : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    I agree with syncdirversity yet they are allcoming from sound cloud ive been on every sight since 2003 sound cloud is wank worst one

  6. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    @damonb Look i dont blame Looperman at all that right now the forums are spammed by these so called 'hiphop/rap Super Producers'. They come here because looperman is offering royalty free samples (take in mind the acapella's are not royalty free and are copyrighted) as you know most of these producers are very lazy making their own sound and probably also poor bastards for hiring a ghost producer so they want freebees. they just drag a loop from looperman in the sequencer putting a beat under it and call it a track and on top of that you see them even wining here in the forums that they dont get enough exposure in the 'featuring track' section :)

  7. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    i forgot to mention they call them self beatmasters and super producers. WTF is a super producers. but when you check their profiles they can only 'produce' a simple beat with no arrangement in it. how versatile are you then. I dont think you have even earned the right to call your self a music producer.

  8. 1982717
    N3KA : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    @syncdiversity I agree. Makes no sense to me. I once had a guy, that claimed to be rich the kid and wanted a beat I made. He said he wanted it without a producer tag or any signature thing that makes it clear i produced it. Forward one week later, guess what. the dickhead put his sorry ass little tag in it and posted it on youtube. Welcome in the world of the so called super producer.

  9. 1547231
    Lek : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    The fact that anyone can just grab a loop and stick a beat on it and rap over it is its big draw - it means anyone can jump on and produce their own stuff. That's why it's so popular. There are a few exceptions, but the vast majority of these songs, once the vocal track is removed, are pretty basic in content but then your average fan only listens to the words of a song anyway and so they don't care how basic it is, so no point blaming the "producers", it's the consumers who are to blame really.

    By the way, it looks like I've been responsible for the change in topic on this thread so please accept my apologies :)

  10. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    Let me say this. i have nothing against hiphop or rap. Back in the 90s i have produced for several eurodance acts in europe wich had a lot of influence from the rap scene. i have worked with many rappers. really nice fellows. but back then everything was orginal as possible. same goes for my fellow producers back then.

    @NK3A Did you ghost produce (selling production for money) for this guy? if you made a contract that you sold it to him and also sold all the copyright he has the right to do everything with it even putting his own tag on it. If you guys didnt agreed anything on contract you can easily claim that video and take it down

  11. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    @lemonization no worries! everyone can have his opinion

  12. 1982717
    N3KA : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    @syncdiversity No, I didn't sell it to him. He has taken the video down, so I don't mind anymore.

    @lemonization Haha no worries man!

  13. 2615019
    Unknown User : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    thing is I often think sound cloud trolls this sight because they don't under stand why have their clintel come here to them this is a sight like theres but you don't get loops off them that hasn't clicked with them there punterers they track there movement see them come here its because there songs start here

  14. 2615019
    Unknown User : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    only to bring there

  15. 2615019
    Unknown User : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    so they are second in the food chain and take thereat

  16. 2615019
    Unknown User : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    too them they see this as an = download upload sight that has near= traffic of their clientel and wonder why

  17. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    @damonb well that is true. you know why because they wanna be famous as soon as possible!!

  18. 688110
    novaspace : Thu 9th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    forgot to mention about these 'super producers and rappers' its not only sampling and stealing music they even copy eachother names. how often do you see hiphop artists using the name 'Wiz' or what about 'lil' in their names. how original :)

  19. 2255594
    slava72 : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    Site is not getting outdated,looks ok to me,but site is plagued with fucking "rapper looking for crapper" and empty accounts, shuold we call "pest control" company to reed of infestation?(it is sarcasm,dont get me wrong)

  20. 186161
    Spivkurl : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that making this site more mobile friendly would simply deepen the problems which exist here. Do we really want to encourage these "spammers" to be flooding the site while they drive around or while they sit at a crack party?

  21. 1982717
    N3KA : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    I think the only real solution would be to make accounts verified.(with a little symbol by their name or something like that). You only get verified if you have uploaded a certain amount of loops, or passed a amount of downloads. This could be nice, because by that you can tell which forum was created by a real user, or a real artist. This makes everything a lot more clear.

  22. 1902994
    Ajerutis : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    I agree with a lot of things said in here. But I disagree with trying to make Looperman like SoundCloud. The two are nothing alike and trying to duplicate features from SoundCloud would just attract more unwanted attention from SoundCloud spammers, which is already a growing problem on this site. This site is very outdated and resembles a newly released site from the early 2000's. Some improvements I personally think should be made:

    1.) To stop people from spamming and creating accounts just to eat up everyone else's loops and not upload any of their own to contribute back to the community, in order to create a forum post you should have at least 2 tracks and 5 loops uploaded onto your profile. Possibly implementing some type of leveling system where you become a verified veteran member once you complete all these levels that way people know you're serious. Then your Looperman Level could be displayed nicely on your profile as this could add power to your name.

    2.) I agree with @N3KA as the little check by our names don't really mean anything like on other sites if everyone can get them just as easily. I personally think the check should be granted to veteran members who have been a member for at least a year, uploaded at least 5 full tracks, and at minimum of 20 loops.

    3.) Next thing would be the cosmetics. This site still looks like something straight out of the early 2000's, when the site was created. I think this site could use some more color and some more bonus features. Some more updated graphics, some video feed, and maybe some nice 3D print here and there. Also like @N3KA said a subscribe feature to sub to your favorite loopmakers would be very nice. Possibly even a feature that allows you to upload music videos of some type would also be nice...

  23. 1902994
    Ajerutis : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    4.) Honestly since you can download basically an unlimited number of loops, incorporate them into your projects, and convince people that you created that loop, I think if you are a new member before you download any loops you must upload at least 3-5 of your own. You can play and listen to the loops currently on the site, but in order to download any you must contribute to the community first. Even if its a somewhat crappy loop, someone at least 1 person could make good use of it. This would help real producers to actually keep their title as a producer as that title gets soiled if some random 12 year old downloads your loop, adds a generic off pitch beat to it, loops it for three minutes, then calls it their own. This would help "filter out the trash" so to say.

    5.) Many people may not agree with this one but since people can leech off your loops and take credit for them, I think it should be optional to the loop makers to make it to where in order for people to download your loops, they have to say subscribe to you on YouTube, follow you on Instagram, play one of your tracks, or some type of feature that allows the loop creators to gain some publicity or further exposure for the free work they're putting out.

    I've seen some users who have been here for 1-2 years and have ZERO loops uploaded, and ZERO tracks uploaded, yet they call themselves a Music Producer. Then they get mad when their spam forum for their music on SoundCloud doesn't get exposure. All people wanna do nowadays is take, take, take and not give back. I think implementing some of these features will help rid of users as such and would be beneficial to the majority of Looperman users.


  24. 1883865
    Nodog : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    Yes it could do with an update but be careful what you wish for big updates cost money which a lot of people would not want to pay. This is a great site and unique in that is has a good and friendly community and free loops what more do you need.

  25. 688110
    novaspace : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 4 years ago

    just a question why would you specific want exposure in a producers community. for technical advice i can understand but then you could easily post your track in the forums with the question what you want. But if you are want to build a serious fanbase there are much better promo tools and social media platforms. i dont think you will find the 'normal' music lover in this community. You really have to work for it. send out your track to recordlabels. plug your track with radiostations (ether and internet stations). use your own social media. get your tracks in the online stores. streaming services like spotify and deezer are nice too. if you are into dance related music you wanna get your music on beatport as quit some djs are scouting overthere for new music.

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