Sync Diversity - Amor Prohibido - Studio Acapella

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    novaspace : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 1 year ago

    I have posted the studio acapella from our track amor Prohibido in the acapella section.

    you can download the acapella here

    Like always read the description and respect our rules.

    1. You may use our acapellas and samples only for Non Commercial use.
    2. All our Songs are registrated with SENA and BUMA/STEMRA (Dutch collecting society for composers and music publishers in the netherlands).
    3. All our music and acapella's are registrated with Youtube Content ID System. If you wanna upload your music with our samples or acapella's to youtube we soly deserve the right to monetize your video.
    4. Give us name credits: Please follow our instructions we have putted in the description under the acapella. In generally you write Sync Diversity - Song name (Your name and remix)
    Avoid Copyright Strikes and Claims! We retain all the copyrights on our acapellas and remixes made with our acapella´s. Uploads wich havent followed our instructions can be terminated (copyright claims and strikes.dmca takedown) without warning.

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