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Goodbye To Looperman

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  1. 1887991
    Unknown User : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    First, I want to thank Looperman for allowing me to publish my vocals on their site for others to use in their songs. It is because of this site, I was able to establish a working relationship with professional producers from all over the world and receive commission for it.

    Sadly, there are a lot of inconsiderate, rude, and childish people out there that are so desperate to make a name for themselves that they are willing to steal the hard work from others. I also find it hurtful, when someone thinks the time it takes for a singer to sing on their song, doesn't deserve the right credit or royalties that they worked hard for too. Without vocals, your song would be a plain old boring song.

    For me, my vocals are not the best, but they are surely not the worst. So many songs I've listened to are amazing but many, many others simply suck. I don't care who I offend, because no one cared about respect for my hard work for you. I haven't the heart to tell them because everyone takes such offense to the truth.

    My vocals are NOT royalty free where I sit at home and sing for all of you to get rich. Use your brain. I did a favor for you, but I'm not stupid. So not only does Looperman's reputation takes a hit, so do all of the honest artists out there.

    People who cheat and steal for a song are pathetic. If it is worth making your lousy $3 for a song that sounds like everything else, more power to you.

    In the next days, my vocals will disappear and if you have downloaded them and plan to use and sell your song with them in it, please beware, my manager is already in the process of taking them down and/or asking for compensation for them to remain. I know everyone who downloaded my song as I've collected them in a database and no matter how much you chop it up or change the pitch, it doesn't hide your song.

    You're a thief and a bad example for what a professional artist is. You give this industry a bad name and shame on you.

    For those who've done right by me and know me, I thank you and treasure you always. You know where to find me and I promise, we will continue to make music together. Love you!

    If anyone else wants to work with me or get vocals from me, take a moment to find out who I am and contact me through the right channels. If you think I am rude or whatever, that's fine. I'm not going to be affected by your personal feelings.

    I was here to help others make music but I'm not greedy or looking to become famous so I can feel good about myself.

    It is so sad what this world has become so greedy and desperate for attention they will do anything to get it.

    Goodbye Looperman

  2. 522916
    ConsciousEntitySound : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    There's a simple solution sweetheart. Signup with ASCAP or BMI and then get your work protected under copyright. You'll be able to rest easy and let your PRO take care of it. If people try and sell your work or even post it on YouTube etc it'll get tagged for copyright infringement. Trust me, I get notifications all the time! ;)

  3. 688110
    syncdiversity : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    eSoreni recently i filed a copyrightclaim to a label who released a track with my vocals and yours. they mashed up our vocal work. that release is taken down now. i have quit some experience with take downs and also send you an email with some suggestions, ASCAP is a good solution but another thing is you might wanna release your acapellas through a music distributor first before you gonna upload them here. also find a platform who can monetize your acapellas like youtube content ID. soundcloud etc,, i have send you more details in my email to you. regards Friso from Sync Diversity

  4. 688110
    syncdiversity : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    by the way if you want you can add me on fb if you need some assistance with take downs.
    regards Friso

  5. 498019
    Tumbleweed : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    Sorry to see you leave eSoreni...but I do indeed understand..I keep my page down to a couple of tracks for much the same reason (found several for sale elsewhere)..I just mentioned you in a reply to The Humps earlier this afternoon as one real singer/songwriter who was still around,,,oh well...Thank you for sharing your talent so freely,,I will check in on you from time to time on the other sites and I wish you the very best....Ed
    PS: I agree with syncdiversity...sign up with one of the professional societys...I have been a BMI member for many years,,,in addition to the protection (you can register your performances) theye is a lot of helpful info etc...newsletters, etc

  6. 2615019
    damonb : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    don't let childish troll keep you from doing what make you happy its like a game of cards online you get cheaters and aholes but yet you still play

  7. 2615019
    damonb : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    your volcals are very very nice by the way god gifted mewith many talents he didn't gift me with an instrument whereyours is don't let them win keep doing what you do as its not just looperman this happens every where online childish jellousy turns into trolls

  8. 2615019
    damonb : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    mean like comments are rare hard too come by nobody seems toohave the time too support a fellow artist but when they are jellouse they will even track down those you commented on and smear them

  9. 2615019
    damonb : Sun 5th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    and no offence intended but hip hop trap rap have always beenone genre be for I knew anything a bout music a genre called riphop

  10. 688110
    syncdiversity : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    @damonb totally agree. i have nothing personal against hiphop artists. but a lot of them are making a habit sampling other peoples stuff without any permission. a good example is that guy Will I Am aka as Steal I Am. he is stealing shameless music from other producers. Sadly i also noticed here in the looperman community that the place is overcrowded with so called hiphop producers and rappers. only this year i already took down over 20 hiphop releases with vocals from us. :)

  11. 688110
    syncdiversity : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    by the way to those hiphop beatmakers outthere is it so difficult to make your own music? and finding a good rapper ?

    i dont produce hiphop and trap often. but when i do i do it right! enjoy

  12. 1414881
    BradoSanz : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    Syncdiversity - how can I go about registering my vocals with ASCAP? I already have both a publisher and musician account but Ive never gotten around to using it in detail.

  13. 669751
    djoctx : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    I've had this problem a couple of times but I even did the "Taken Down" I claimed my rights on the label where the producer released the song, I always have how to prove that my vocals are "my vocals" for me, it became "normal" here at Looperman. The site is good but it lacks more security for who makes the vocals.

    Maybe make the things more clear if the use is free or not, we need a section to explain what is the Commercial Use or Non-Commercial use (Believe in me a lot of producers do not know what is it), after that the site checks if the producer complies with the rules and understand of use and only then release the download button.

    I always put in the description that the vocals are not for free commercial use and I always put my email to contact in the description (recently here on Looperman we dont can put more the email in the description) which I think ridiculous because very few PRODUCERS HAVE PATIENCE TO SEEK IN THE PROFILES OF THE VOCALISTS AN EMAIL TO CONTACT.

    Anyways, dont give up, okay?

  14. 688110
    syncdiversity : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    @bradoSanz you mean you want to upload your acapella to their website. i dont think that is possible what you do is register your acapella as a song as in this example

    for some extra protection
    what you can do is release your acapellas in the online stores through a distributor. There are many music distributors you can release your songs for free. the distributor only take a small cut in the sales. if your acapellas will sell. But this is not the reason. when the acapella's are actually released you can start uploading your acapella's here. Your distributor will have by then submitted your acapella's to the youtube content ID system.

  15. 688110
    syncdiversity : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    so you have extra proof. for e xample if some looperman producer decide to release your vocals with a record label and you find that out you have proof that you are the original copyright holder. Because your song is already officially distributed and released by you.

  16. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    A bad situation to be sure, but leaving the site is just rolling over and letting those arseholes win, the offenders will be all the usual suspects, urban riff raff and assorted producer knuckle draggers. Join your local musician's union and their affiliated state/country association which will give you access to legal support and a means to collect royalties and act against any copyright infringements.

  17. 688110
    syncdiversity : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    i believe looperman already started a thread for suggestions for acapella usage. You might wanna put your suggestions there as well.

  18. 1041668
    wikkid : Mon 6th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    Hi eSoreni,

    Sorry to see you go, but I gotta agree with Planetjazzbass.
    The other thing is that this happens not only in music, but in just about every profession.

    Sometimes its done under the guise of being a ghost vocalist or in a staple of writers while someone with more clout gets to release your song with the vocals you've put down or the lyrics you've sweated to write. In short, the music business ain't pretty.

    In short, we can't control what others do, only ourselves.
    Even professionals rip off other artists/writers, no matter the genre (Ray Parker Jr. used Huey Lewis' music for Parker's "Ghost Busters" hit song and had to pay. George Harrison used "He's so Fine" for his "My Sweet Lord" and ended up paying. More recently, Sam Smith won a Grammy for
    "Stay With Me" which was much too close to Tom Petty's hit,
    "Won't Back Down." and the list goes on and on.

    Some producers scour You Tube for their next hit, and probably Soundcloud, where they rip off new artists, so believe me, you're not alone.

    But its how you deal with it will be the key. Don't let the cheaters change who you are or what you want to do with your talent. I wish you all the best.

  19. 2409402
    Magscorch : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    Not to hurt your feelings, but everyone who downloads acapellas or loops or anything has the right to do what they want with your stuff. They dont have to credit you. I think its more annoying when people ask to be credited if it is just a loop because I really dont care for my song to have so many people's stuff credited. It becomes a mess. If you dont want it royalty free try a different platform.

  20. 688110
    syncdiversity : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    @magscorch seems you havent read the looperman rules here. Loops and samples are royalty free. but acapellas not

    "All media uploaded to the acapellas section remains copyright to the original creator of the files and so are NOT royalty free. The user who uploaded the acapella retain all rights over their acapellas. You may use acapellas in your non commercial projects but for anything else you must get in contact with the artist who uploaded them to organise things.

    For the a full explanation on uploading / downloading and use of acapellas please refer to our terms & conditions"

  21. 688110
    syncdiversity : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    Can I use acapellas on looperman in my projects
    The use of acapellas found on looperman differs from how it works with loops. When a user uploads an acapella they do not agree to give them away for free to use in commercial projects. Should you wish to use an acapella found here in your commercial projects or for something more then personal use then you need to contact the person who uploaded the acapella to discuss it. does not play any role in this though and is simply the middle man that introduced you. Most people who upload acapellas though are more then happy to work with you.

  22. 2409402
    Magscorch : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    @syncdiversity ah okay my bad I dont mess with acapellas too much because everyone wants their name in my song title. But still I believe if you dont want people downloading royalty free you should choose a different platform.

  23. 688110
    syncdiversity : Fri 10th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    well suggest that to the looperman admin then. personally i dont think you are in the right place if you are only aiming on freebees

  24. 2409402
    Magscorch : Sat 11th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    There is nothing stopping anyone from getting freebies. They dont haveto put anything anywhere, which could go both ways. That's why you dont put your stuff on this site. Me personally I dont care if anyone credits me or not because they are just using a simple loop.

  25. 2409402
    Magscorch : Sat 11th Aug 2018 : 6 months ago

    And there is an admin thread about the mess of acapella mess and the bottom line is you dont have to credit anyone. Dont put your loops here if you want them credited.

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