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Just Completed An Album And Need Mixing And Mastering

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  1. 2431535
    Rockerboi78 : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    I just finished recording a 10 song album. I'm really impressed with it, all I need now is some good mixing and mastering. Since I'm just starting a music career, I won't be able to pay you. But I will give you credit and a shout out. My email is in my profile, hmu if you're willing to help me

  2. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    Hey Rockerboi78, congrats on your new album. I hope it does well man. You know mastering is the one thing so many people here on this site overlook. When I master, each stereo mix bus on my console gets analyzed and scrutinized and corrections are made. I will even track out my drums to their own stereo bus channels (to a sub-mixer). I might want to tighten up the kick curve, limit a hard snare or change its velocity, and then add a small High Pass Filter curve on the MASTER DRUM BUS OUT to make room for my heavier bass guitar or whatever. Then maybe a low pass to tame some of the high hat transients just a bit but not specifically in that order. Then light 1.8:1 compression on the master drum bus and that's just my drums in this example, because my methods may vary depending on what genre I am in at the time, I dont always apply this method to everything. Okay, then there is the rest of the mix. I would need unprocessed stems exported at -6dBs to start. I am going to stop there, but my point is you want 10 songs mastered? You got to pay someone for that. To be clear, I am not trying to position or petition myself for a job like this. That is too much work you are asking for free. I am not looking for a paid job either, just offering advice. If this project means a lot to you, then learn how to master correctly or pay someone to do it correctly. FYI, just because someone says they know how to master do not believe them. Ask for a posted link of their work first so that you can be the judge. One of my songs on average takes about 3 weeks. 1) Performing all the parts, 2) Then the rough mix and Final mix, 3) then finally the Mastering, I don't compress everything and I might pan where and when as needed. I also use console fader automation to limit noise and for optimum sound. You want both mixing and Mastering? I really hope you can find someone who will and can do that for you just for a mention and do it correctly. Good Luck!

  3. 2431535
    Rockerboi78 : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for the advice. I'll wait a little longer to see if anybody is willing to help, if not I'll try to do it myself. I can't afford to pay anyone at the moment

  4. 2371546
    Sunbeats : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    Common you gat to drop something for a coffee and I will do all of them for you. This stuff takes time man! You are talking about 10 here.

    Check out the quality of the mixing and mastering of one of my latest beats.

  5. 2431535
    Rockerboi78 : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    Do you have an email or something. So I can send you some stuff to see how good you are?

  6. 2371546
    Sunbeats : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago


  7. 2370901
    aidanconnolly : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    I'll do it for half of what he wants haha. But yea you gotta drop a little guala that shit time consuming

  8. 1307347
    brandon95jones : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    I'm a profession Pro Tools certified Mastering engineer. Hit me up

  9. 2431535
    Rockerboi78 : Fri 13th Jul 2018 : 7 months ago

    Just hit you up

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