WHY Is This Community Falling Apart

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    sunnydas01 : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 4 days ago I've been a part of looperman for about 5 or 6 years now uploading music here. I've been getting feedback from at least 5 to 10 people within a day, fixing issues in the song, and then uploading on soundcloud, but not promoting it here like a lot of the community seems to do now a days. Now when I try to get feedback on a track, I only get solid feedback from one individual, who I know has been around for years.

    Heres the difference of feedback i've received since 2016 and today



    I dont mean to promote myself in any way but do you see how much things have changed?

    Can anyone suggest a way we can revert this community from a bunch of soundcloud clout chasers to just a music community where we help each other out?
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    sunnydas01 : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 4 days ago If anyone has a connection w/ looperman admins, can we suggest a separate forum for promotion of music and collaborations? And a separate one for advice or anything else?
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    TRE24 : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 4 days ago A new collaboration section has apparently been in the works.

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    Neomorpheus : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 4 days ago Heres another thread with similar subject matter.

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    Spivkurl : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 3 days ago Sorry sunnydas01, I don't feel much sympathy for your situation. Considering the lack of participation that your profile shows, your track comment results are actually quite good.

    For example, you have only commented on five tracks in your entire time here... sure maybe a few tracks which had your comments were deleted later on, still it is a very small amount for 3 years (which is what it says on your profile, and not 5-6 years). Also, you have not uploaded any loops or other non track content to share.

    You should be happy with the comments you've been getting.

    Otherwise, use the way the site is set up to encourage more. Feature a track, and post useful comments on other people's tracks. If there is any reason that this community is falling apart, this would be the first on my list - people expecting feedback without giving any to others.
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    Spivkurl : Thu 12th Jul 2018 : 3 days ago To follow up...

    I have been on this site for nine years, as stated in my profile. I have only commented one track in the past five months, due to other endeavors. However, even with any commented tracks which have been deleted in this nine years, my profile still lists 5703 comments which I have left on tracks.

    That is an average of 633.666 track comments per year. This means that for me to leave the amount of comments that you have left in your three years here would have taken me an average of THREE DAYS. This is not even to bring up the quality of the comments.

    You are allowed 3000 characters for a track comment, which is quite a bit of conversation. Get engaged in the songs. Say what you like about it, and what you don't. Tell how the song makes you feel. Let the artist know what you might have done with parts of the song. Thank them for sharing it.

    This is not bragging, it is simply a scientific method to show you an extreme example of how little you have contributed in your time.
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