DISCUSSION Been Making Beats For About A Year Now What Is Next

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    VaughnHajra : Tue 12th Jun 2018 : 3 months ago hey all, I've been making beats for about a year now, and I'd say they're getting to the point where they're very good. I messed around with a "type beats" youtube page, but I feel like those aren't unique and I want to work with artists myself. Do any of you know the best way to find artists? Or have recommendations for sending beats out? Please help!!

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    mk123kwak : Tue 12th Jun 2018 : 3 months ago use soundcloud and other online forums to send out your beats - or if you know anyone who is already working with a studio you can ask them to bring a demo to their rep
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    Jokulle22 : Tue 12th Jun 2018 : 3 months ago beatstars is a good site to put out beats but fuck that ''type beat'' fr
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    Sunbeats : Wed 13th Jun 2018 : 3 months ago @Jokulle22, I hate the "type beat" trend too. It makes beats sound almost the same. It is a lazy way of creating beat.
    There's nothing better than making your beats unique.
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    Gawthi : Wed 13th Jun 2018 : 3 months ago Hit the streets
    by posting on website can give you some collabs/sells here and there
    Find some talented homies, work together on projects and make good music And it will take you to a next level
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    2nick8 : Wed 13th Jun 2018 : 3 months ago Don't beat yourself up over it
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