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  1. 2431535
    Rockerboi78 : Thu 24th May 2018 : 1 year ago

    I'm working on making my music more diverse, so I'm gonna start doing rock music. Does anybody have any rock instrumentals they can send? Even though I can't pay you, I'll make sure to give you credit.

  2. 2687843
    DeX032 : Mon 28th May 2018 : 1 year ago

    checkout my page,i uploaded some riff.

  3. 2370958
    sammyy : Thu 31st May 2018 : 1 year ago
    get back to me

  4. 2643700
    BaoBou : Thu 31st May 2018 : 1 year ago

    Hi Nerol, sounds cool! Do you have some examples of your music?

  5. 2431535
  6. 1793952
  7. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Thu 31st May 2018 : 1 year ago

    I'm not an expert in rap or hip hop but I do listen to a healthy amount of rap rock/rap metal. I really dig bands like P.O.D., Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, Faith No More, Run DMC, Linkin Park, Korn, Cypress Hill, 311, Living Color etc. Are you familiar with these bands? Your request description sounds to me like you want to do something maybe in that direction. Which is cool and I might be willing to offer you up some music to put your vocals to if this is correct.

  8. 2431535
    Rockerboi78 : Fri 1st Jun 2018 : 1 year ago

    Thanks guys. I'm contacting ya'll right now.

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