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Needing Rappers And EDM Producer To Collab

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  1. 2623475
    GalDeckian01 : Tue 22nd May 2018 : 8 months ago

    I am Needing a few Rappers and EDM Producers To Collab so, Chat meh so we Can Talk About it. Thanks in Advance

  2. 2138834
    MasonTrusty : Wed 23rd May 2018 : 8 months ago

    Hey Im a level headed rapper. I do alot of different styles. I have done almost every style trap, happy trap, summer type beats, regular hip hop, i cover a wide basis i have been dying for a good collab man. I have a wide view on things very open minded to collabing with just about anybody

  3. 1793952
    aromamob : Wed 23rd May 2018 : 8 months ago

    I am a rapper, producer and songwriter. I just got myself a pretty good song, Overheat.
    So, now I am looking for some collabs.
    Hit me up:

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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