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Singer Needed For My New Track

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  1. 2459556
    Dougiedog4 : Thu 17th May 2018 : 8 months ago

    Hi Guys,
    This is my first time posting a request on here so hello everyone :)
    I'm an amateur producer and music student and I love writing songs. Anyway, I have a song idea and all of the music is written and produced to my standard, and I have lyrics to go with the song but I can't sing at all :( So I figured it'd be a good time to ask if anyone wanted to collaborate on a song, as I'd really love to use my own lyrics rather than someone else's like I've been doing while using this site.
    All i would need from you is acapella's of you singing my lyrics and your name would still be used as the artist and me as the producer. The song will go on my YouTube account and you'd be free to share it wherever you like, I'd just really like to hear one of my songs fully produced.
    It's a relatively poppy song with a bit more edge and rock to it, but I can send anyone an mp3 of the track so you can hear what it really sounds like. Thank-you all for taking the time to read this :) If you have any interest at all let me know.

  2. 1793952
    aromamob : Fri 18th May 2018 : 8 months ago

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