I Need Your Help For A Surprise To My Sister

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  1. 713971
    Nicolo1984 : Wed 16th May 2018 : 6 months ago

    Hi guys, i need your help for a track that would be a gift for my sister's birthday. (Don't need to be hurry, we have time!)
    She felt in love with K-Pop long time ago, now she listen only that kind of music, things like Infinite, Nell and similar. I uploaded some time ago an instrumental track called "Rossella" (is her name in italian, "Scarlet" in english), composed thinking about here. So i want male singers from South Korea (or with a good knowledge of korean language) to write lyrics and sing something dedicated. I wonder to see her reaction... my beloved sister!!! So, Korean singers, please help me to give birth to this gift. Imagine like she was your sister... write a lyric dedicated to her, insert her italian name "Rossella" in the song, download the instrumental and let me know if you like my song :)Send me the lyric in romanic fonts, so i can made a video to post on youtube.... Waiting for your answer....

  2. 2647028
    KiestyleProductions : Wed 16th May 2018 : 6 months ago

    This is super adorable!

    Good luck my friend

  3. 2595042
    Loopy420 : Wed 16th May 2018 : 6 months ago

    Dope idea man best of luck to u

  4. 1626182
    SimilarSystem : Fri 18th May 2018 : 6 months ago

    Wish I could help more than just bumping this thread. Good luck.

  5. 713971
    Nicolo1984 : Thu 24th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    Actually i'm not lucky about this.... is it possible that here aren't korean people interested in a collab??? :(

  6. 1626182
    SimilarSystem : Thu 24th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    It could actually be possible that there just aren't many Koreans on Looperman at all.

  7. 713971
    Nicolo1984 : Thu 24th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    In that case... english language is good too. But i want to start another thread, i don't want to bore anyone.

  8. 2476542
    Unknown User : Thu 24th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    K-Pop is one of my least favorite things. but i guess i understand why people like it. just felt the need to say that. you guys have a nice day, and i wish you the best of luck. :)

  9. 1733127
    xMerkery : Thu 24th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    good luck bro

  10. 713971
    Nicolo1984 : Fri 25th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    DeathRipper... my philosophy is "ignore everything you don't like". The reason why we like or dislike everything not always has a scientific explanation. I hate trap, but i don't waist time to comment on trap stuff just to say things like "hey you, fuqin trap maniac, burn in hell and suq my coq as your mother do!"
    So, back to the topic, i repeat, if korean singers are not available on this site, english ones are good too. Please, check my track and enjoy colab... please....

  11. 1910265
    Imperiumangel : Fri 25th May 2018 : 5 months ago

    It is a nice track. Let me see if I can do something with it

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