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Bass Bass Bass Do You Need Bass

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    DJCinema : Tue 15th May 2018 : 8 months ago

    Hi Loopermen. I've been a member here for years, building songs out of your great loops, thanking you, and doing the odd collaboration or two. While Looperman is fantastic, I've always kind of noticed as an itinerant basswoman that bass loops kind of generally seem to be missing. But very, very needed. I was shy of contributing any and didn't have an instrument, so I kept quiet.

    This is to announce me putting out my shingle to contribute bass lines to anybody who needs them, because man have I often needed them and I know the struggle so to speak. My qualifications: I was trained by Bob Cranshaw, who was my adopted uncle and godfather. Bassists know who he was. His death hit me hard as fuck and still drags me down.

    In his name, I'm offering myself to other bass players and to esp non-bassists who need a good nonornamental bassline for any of their songs. I can handle jazz and samba to pop and reggae. Not a fan of EDM and other supramodern forms, more a classic rock/classic pop bassist (as in 1960's 1970's 1970's 1990's stuff). If your song needs bass in a more modern aspect I'll give it a whirl but be advised ahead of time I tend to stay simple and in the pocket and use add2s and add9s, and mu chords, so this may not be a helpful bass fit for you.

    Anyway, because bass was needed here and I can play, I finally got an instrument and can contribute. You can check me out by listening to My Little Ol Baby which has me on Rhodes, voice and bass. Let me know where you're at where bass is concerned and if you even need this. Thanks for reading.

    All bout dat clef

  2. 642103
    DJCinema : Wed 16th May 2018 : 8 months ago

    Me and Bob

    imgur (d) com (slash) a (slash) 9mk1TwS

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